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Trump’s Withdrawal From the Iran Nuclear Deal Invites Disaster (Video), Chris Hedges with Scott Ritter

One of the greatest insults you can level at an intelligence professional is to be part and parcel of selling a manufactured lie that you know is a lie, or are in a position to determine is a lie.”

Israel’s Nuclear Weapons Program

With regard to international WMD non-proliferation conventions, Israel has either not become a signatory of these conventions or has yet to ratify them.

Margaret Sarfehjooy> Consequences of War on Iran

Consequences of War on Iran “Let’s be clear—we’re already at war on Iran. And the drumbeat for a military attack increases daily. Yet rarely is there any consideration for the consequences and the fact that never before in history has a bomb with depleted uranium been dropped on a nuclear site.” by Margaret Sarfehjooy  WAMM […]