Henry A. Giroux | White Supremacy and Sanctioned Violence in the Age of Donald Trump

Commenting on Trump's speech, columnist Eugene Robinson argued that his talk added up to what few journalists were willing to acknowledge -- "a notorious white supremacist account." What is shocking is the refusal in many mainstream media circles to examine the role that white supremacy has played in creating the conditions for Trump to emerge as the head of the Republican Party.

Racism: A Sociological Definition

Chief Zee with fans at FedEx Field. Washington R******* vs. New York Jets on December, 4,  2011. Katidid213 By Nicki Lisa Cole, Sociology Expert  About Education Racism refers to a host of practices, beliefs, social relations and phenomena that work to reproduce a racial hierarchy and social structure that yields superiority and privilege for some, and discrimination More

[Video] Change the Mascot: Pressure Grows for NFL Team to Drop Redskins Name and Logo As Thousands Protest

[youtube=http://youtu.be/ckr3y0PLiEc]  democracynow Published on Nov 8, 2013 http://www.democracynow.org - For decades, members of many American Indian communities have called on the Washington Redskins football team to change its name, which is based on a racial slur. Now the pressure has reached a new heights. On Thursday night, nearly a thousand Native Americans and their allies protested outside More

Occupy> South Bronx Community Rallies to End “Stop and Frisk”

South Bronx Community Rallies to End “Stop and Frisk” “No more generations of our youth will continue to be brutalized because of the way that they look.” J.A. Myerson   Monday 30 January 2012   Truthout | News Analysis Through the back of Jamel Mims’ black leather baseball cap, a sprig of short, slender dreadlocks sticks out, More

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