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After James Comey’s Firing, Who Will Stop Trump’s Tinpot Dictatorship?

Is it any wonder that experts on authoritarianism and fascism have been sounding the alarm bell for many months now?

Coleen Rowley> Questions for the F.B.I. Nominee

“Why, in April 2005, did you approve 13 harsh interrogation tactics, including waterboarding and up to 180 hours of sleep deprivation, for use on suspects by officers of the C.I.A.?” Eric Hanson By COLEEN ROWLEY  OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR Published: July 8, 2013  NY Times APPLE VALLEY, Minn. — WHEN President Obama nominated James B. Comey to lead the F.B.I., he lauded Mr. […]

Sen. Franken Questions FBI Director Mueller About National Security Letters

Franken was apparently the only Senator to even question Robert Mueller about civil liberties in regard to Obama’s request that Mueller be extended for 2 more years.   —Coleen Rowley