Lisa Graves: More Corporations Flee as ALEC Rolls Out Its Legislative Agenda

... for two decades through to this day, ALEC has been at the forefront of peddling climate change denial to state policymakers. Its legislative agenda is replete with an array of bills to block almost every effort by the Environmental Protection Agency or other governmental bodies to respond to the climate changes underway. By Lisa Graves, More

Tomgram> Michael Klare, Energy Wars 2012

Tomgram: Michael Klare, Energy Wars 2012 Posted by Michael Klare at 9:37am, January 10, 2012 TomDispatch  Last week, the president made a rare appearance at the Pentagon to unveil a new strategic plan for U.S. military policy (and so spending) over the next decade.  Let’s leave the specifics to a future TomDispatch post and focus instead on a historical More

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