Chris Hedges: Alice Walker and the Price of Conscience

“Whenever I come out with a book, or anything that will take me before the public, the world, I am assailed as this person I don’t recognize,” she said when I reached her by phone. “If I tried to keep track of all the attacks over the decades, I wouldn’t be able to keep working. I am happy people are standing up. It is all of us. Not just me. They are trying to shut us down, shut us up, erase us. That reality is what is important.”

Tribunal Crimes of “War on Terror”

"I initiate the third sitting of the belmont tribunal in this period an antiwar tribunal to build the people's diplomacy and the new planetary movement against the war everywhere shut down Guantanamo, free Assange, stop the war."

Tomgram: Howard Zinn | “I Plead Guilty” (to Insubordination)

Finishing School for Pickets  By Howard Zinn (August 6, 1960) By Howard Zinn and Paula Giddings  March 24, 2015 [The excerpt from a longer 1960 piece by Howard Zinn and Paula Giddings posted at are from the Nation magazine’s 150th Anniversary Special Issue on newsstands in April. They appear here with the kind permission of the editors of that magazine.] One afternoon More

Alice Walker: Thousands of Feet Below You

Thousands of Feet Below You  By Alice Walker Thousands of feet Below you There is a small Boy Running from Your bombs. If he were To show up At your mother's House On a green Sea island Off the coast Of Georgia He'd be invited in For dinner. Now, driven, You have shattered His bones. More

Alice Walker: Winning

Poem by Alice Walker Winning The smallest child Understands: Anyone who terrorizes us Is a terrorist; Anyone who steals from us Is a thief; Any one who loves Has won. ---- Congratulations, Minnesota. One step closer to Equality and Justice for all. Originally posted by Malia Burkhart

[Video] Alice Walker Q and A discussion: Beauty In Truth

[youtube]  Southbank Centre  Published on Mar 12, 2013 This year's WOW Festival included the world exclusive premiere of 'Alice Walker: Beauty In Truth', a feature documentary film directed by Pratibha Parmar about the life and art of the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of 'The Color Purple'. After the screening, Mariella Frostrup chaired a Q&A discussion with Alice More

Amy Goodman Interviews Alice Walker

[youtube] Published on Sep 28, 2012 by democracynow - With less than 40 days to go before the 2012 presidential election, poet and activist Alice Walker reads her new poem, "Democratic Womanism," and discusses her thoughts on President Obama's legacy, including his use of drone strikes. "You ask me why I smile when you tell me More

Alice Walker> When I Join You

When I Join You January 22, 2012    AliceWalkersGarden  When I join you in the effort for peace I give myself over. There and not there. Marching with you alongside the many who have died it is as if we are marching across the Universe and just ahead of us if only in another galaxy More

Alice Walker> Bursting Into Love

Bursting into Love February 5, 2012 - AliceWalkersGarden While I was reading this I found myself swallowing tears, trying to hold  in an impulse to burst into ….total Love.  I failed.   It is the oddest, most stirring sensation to think of Mumia with his arms unchained and free enough to hug his wife, and later More

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