Chris Hedges: Exterminate All the Brutes

It is an attempt by Israel to erase not only a people, but the idea of Palestine. It is a carbon copy of the massive campaigns of racialized slaughter by other settler colonial projects who believed that indiscriminate and wholesale violence could make the aspirations of an oppressed people, whose land they stole, go away. And like other perpetrators of genocide, Israel intends to keep it hidden.

How Different Our Work Would Be in a Democracy

VFP members, like so many others in the struggle for peace and justice, are always on the defensive because corporations wield governing power and we are always reacting to them — fighting another specific weapons system, another invasion, another human rights violation. How Different Our Work Would Be in a Democracy Presenters: Mike Ferner, More

Palestine 2023: Reflections on Visiting, by Jenny Hartley

WE AFFIRM our commitment to freedom, justice, and equality for the Palestinian people and all people. WE OPPOSE all forms of racism, bigotry, discrimination, and oppression; and WE DECLARE ourselves an apartheid-free community and to that end, WE PLEDGE to join others in working to end all support to Israel’s apartheid regime, settler colonialism, and military occupation.

Saint Zelensky Suspends Election and Steals $400 Million in US Aid

Saint Zelensky Suspends Election & Steals $400 Million in US Aid. by David Mulinix /  Original to Rise Up Times /  Source links below. To get the US public to support the US Empire's Proxy War in Ukraine, the Biden regime's pro-war propaganda paints a picture of Zelensky as a saint fighting for democracy. More

Chris Hedges: Journalists Abandoned Julian Assange and Slit Their Own Throats

The failure by journalists to mount a campaign to free Julian Assange, or expose the vicious smear campaign against him, is one more catastrophic and self-defeating blunder by the news media. Journalists Abandoned Julian Assange and Slit Their Own Throats  By CHRIS HEDGES The Chris Hedges Report  July 9, 2023 When Goliaths Infiltrate the More

Chris Hedges: Taking Back Our Universities From Corporate Apparatchiks

The public defunding of universities, along with their seizure by corporations and the uber rich, is part of the slow-motion corporate coup d’état. The goal is to enforce conformity and obedience, to train young people to fill their slots in the corporate machine and leave unquestioned the status quo. The accumulation of vast wealth, no matter how nefarious, is prized as the highest good.

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