Censorship of voices supportive of Palestinian liberation from Zionist settler colonialism and occupation is nothing new. Journalists, members of the academy, and even schoolteachers have found themselves out of a job after voicing criticism of Israel in the past. Katie Halper, a popular podcast host and former contributor to The Hill TV’s ‘Rising,’ is the latest big name casualty of such censorship.   

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Halper had worked for The Hill TV for three years when she was terminated over a dispute with a higher up regarding a monologue in which she defended Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s description of Israel as an apartheid state. Halper joins The Marc Steiner Show to discuss her firing, the all-around censorship campaign against voices critical of Israel, and their shared political affinities as anti-Zionist Jews.
Katie Halper is a writer, podcast host and video correspondent. She hosts The Katie Halper Show Livestream, podcast and WBAI radio show and co-hosts the podcast and YouTube show Useful Idiots, which she co-founded with Matt Taibbi and currently co-hosts with Aaron Maté while Matt is on book leave. She worked for The Hill TV’s ‘Rising’ for three years.


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By Published On: October 25th, 2022Comments Off on Katie Halper: The Hill TV fired me for defending critics of Israel

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