Officers not charged with death of Breonna Taylor. Local and nationwide protests.


This article originally appeared in the print version of Women Against Military Madness Newsletter Vol 38, No 5, 2020.

On Wednesday, September 23, a Kentucky grand jury indicted Louisville police officer Brett Hankison for wanton endangerment in connection with the killing of Breonna Taylor, during a night raid on her apartment in March of this year. The Louisville police fatal encounter with 26-year-old Taylor, an emergency room technician, accelerated the Black Lives Matter movement nationwide.

Hankison was ultimately charged for potentially endangering the lives of three of Taylor’s neighbors when he fired into Taylor’s apartment. The officer was not charged for endangering the lives of Taylor or her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker. Two additional officers involved were not charged, and more serious charges were not brought against Hankinson.

An acquittal in Breonna Taylor’s killing by police ignited a rally and march in the Twin Cities. Photo: emmasron.comAn acquittal in Breonna Taylor’s killing by police ignited a rally and march in the Twin Cities. Photo:

In response, more than three thousand people gathered at the Minnesota State Capitol for an emergency rally and march the evening of September 23. Many organizations participated: The Twin Cities Coalition for Justice4Jamar, Black Lives Matter-Minnesota, Racial Justice Network, and 17 other organizations, including Women Against Military Madness. At the time of the rally, Hankison posted bail and has since pleaded not guilty to wanton endangerment charges. Nationwide people continue to call for justice for Breonna.

Emma Sron is a photo-journalist, activist, co-chair of the WAMM Board, and a member of the WAMM Newsletter Committee. 

Watch for anti-racism actions and events: WAMM calendar at 

Twin Cities Coalition for JUSTICE4AJMAR (TCC4J)

See the connection of U.S. wars abroad and the militarized policing of Black and Brown communities within the U.S. The Black Alliance for Peace is a valuable resource with its “U.S. Out of Africa/Shut Down AFRICOM” campaign and the “Candidate Accountability Pledge”.


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