On March 7, 2020 I participated in the International Working Women’s Forum sponsored by March on the Pentagon. Here is a video of my presentation.

By Sue Ann Martinson  March 7, 2020   

Click here for the link to the full video of this excellent forum about U.S. Imperialism and Women on YouTube.

Click here for the Facebook page with information about the speakers who represent the work of activist groups across the country—on Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox.

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Note: I need to note that there is one error toward the end of my talk. A company called Twin Metals wants to surround the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota with a copper mine, much like the proposed PolyMet mine also in northern Minnesota, with danger of eventually polluting the Boundary Waters and fishing waters farther north with sulfates. Twin Metals is owned by Antofagasta a major mining company in Chile controlled by the billionaire Luksic family in Chile. Their ties to the Trump administration have drawn scrutiny: A real estate company in Washington D.C., that is owned by the family is the landlord for a multimillioin dollar mansion where Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner live.

Thank you to friendsoftheCongo.org for their work in the Congo and for information used in this presentation.

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