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Included below, some special holiday songs. from the Counter Propaganda Coalition

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Little Hummer Boy (Little Dummer Boy)

Words by John Slade

I use lots of gas

In my SUV

And on the roads I pass

In my SUV

you must look out for me

And my SUV

because I must drive free

In my SUV… my SUV… my SUV

My mileage is so vile

In my SUV

I’m in complete denial

In my SUV

Gas will be cheap once more

For my SUV

Good thing we’ve got a war

For my SUV… my SUV… my SUV

Let’s fight that war for oil

And my SUV

Blood on Iraqi soil

For my SUV

Lets drop s’more bombs now

For my SUV

It might bring back the Dow

and my SUV… my SUV… my SUV…

Waste en-er-gy  (slowly)

 Jolly Old St. Nicolas

Words by Brigid McDonald

Jolly old St. Nicolas

Lend your ear this way

Please tell every livin’ soul

What we have to say

Peace conversions coming soon

Now you dear old man

We don’t want another war

Stop it if you can

All the people want to live

Plants and bugs do too

We all know what arms are for

Hugging me and you

Activists and peacemakers

Standing in a row

Listen to our Christmas wish
Weapons GOT to go!

Still Not Home (Silent Night)

Words by John Slade

Still not home, Still not home

When will we, at last come home

Tanks in Kabul and threats to Iran

Tens of thousands in Afghanistan

When will we have some pe-eace?

Whe-en will we have some peace?

Still not home, Still not home

Far abroad, please come home

Home from war and Home from hate

Home to children and Home to mate

When will we have some pe-eace?

Now is the ti-ime for peace.

Now is the time, Here is the place

Turn from war’s Horrible face

Troops and guards, Our women and men

Now is the time to

Come home again

Now is the time for pe-eace!

Now is the ti-ime for peace.

F-B-I, Loves to Spy (Jingle Bells)

Words by Brigid, John, Sue Ann

F-B-I, Loves to spy

Messing with our friends
Raids, subpoenas, cover-ups
This has got to end.

Break right in, wake you up
Take your stuff away
Books and papers, kid’s pictures

They’re messing up your day

They charge in their report
“Material Support”
Dissent is not a crime!
We won’t do no time.
We ain’t done no wrong
Subpoenas ain’t scary
We won’t squeal, we’ll make no deal
For immunity

F-B-I, Loves to spy
Messing with our friends
Raids, subpoenas, cover-ups
This has got to end.
F-B-I loves to spy
Witch hunts are their trade
Cooks and teachers, union folks

For this they’re getting paid.

F-B-I loves to spy
They’re becoming pests
Oh, how they love to fish
They call us terrorists
F-B-I loves to spy
We’ll stand together strong
They put us in their crosshairs
Though we have done no wrong.

Buy Me the World (Joy To The World)

Words by John and LeighAnne

Buy Me the World, I want it now

Cause I want everything

I do not really need it

Heck, I don’t even want it

But I gotta have it now

I gotta have it now, I gotta, I gotta

Have it now

I have the right, to buy it all

It is the American dream

If I can’t consume it

Then someone else might get it

Gimme that it’s mine, Gimme that it’s mine

Gimme Gim-me-e-e that it’s mine

Spit on the poor, leave me alone

While I buy lots of stuff

The more stuff that you buy

Makes you a better guy

The poor folks just lose out

The poor folks just lose out

The poor the poor, just lose out

Do you see what I see

Words by Unknown

 Do you see what I see, do you see what I see?

A bomb, a bomb, bursting in the night

While innocent children take flight

While innocent children take flight

Do you hear what I hear, do you hear what I hear?

The lies, the lies, they think that we believe

They make a profit and we grieve

They make a profit and we grieve


The Counter Propaganda Coalition promotes independent media and works to challenge corporate media in their non-reporting or incorrect or biased reporting of significant issues and events.

The authors reserve all rights to these carols. We allow any non-commercial use, provided these attributions are maintained. Authors: John Slade, Eli Weintraub, LeighAnne Leonardm, Jim Misak, Dori Ullman, Sue Ann Martinson, Brigid McDonald. You have permission to reprint with attribution to the Counter Propaganda Coalition.


By Published On: December 20th, 2019Comments Off on No War for the Holidays! Take time this holiday season to speak out for peace.

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