From Gary Kohls:

Fellow peacemakers and “war-hesitant” individuals, especially those with any kind of Christian religious upbringing or knowledge of the faith, whether pacifist, progressive, evangelical or domionist, pro-war or antiwar,  leftist, centrist or right-wing, Democrat or Republican, holders of shares of war-profiteering corporations or not, please spend the few minutes watching this important and moving video presentation that has been recently removed from YouTube “for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines” – whatever that means! (The owners of YouTube and Google are highly likely to be holders of shares of war-profiteering corporations.)

I challenge any honest, non-sociopathic viewer of this video to not tear up by the end.

Please ponder what guidelines are possibly being violated and then discuss.

And please also forward to your religious leaders and ask for their opinion and perhaps some adjustment in their theological stances.

The video can still be viewed at:  https://vimeo.com/127380523. Gary


From: Emmanuel Charles McCarthy
Sent: Sunday, September 1, 2019 8:47 AM
Subject: “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” 1984


Youtube sent me the above notice that it had removed a video that I put up years ago, because it violates Youtube’s community standards. The video can still be seen on vimeo and many other venues, e.g.


All photos in it are on Google. The opening image which won the Pulitzer Prize for photography, was on the front page of the New York Times and thousands of other papers around the world and was almost universally selected as one of the hundred most iconic images of the Twentieth Century.

Every pixel of this nine minute video is an attempt to bring the Gospels’ narrative of Jesus Christ and of His Mother, from Herod’s execution of the Holy Innocents to Pilate’s execution of Jesus, into a meaningful and helpful understanding of present day human existence.The factual base of the video is quite clear and accurate: Children are the primary victims of modern industrial, high-tech war and when the people in governments and militaries destroy someones child they instantly destroy something irreplaceable in every human being who loves the little one.The video is equally unambiguous that the human beings in governments and militaries who initiate and execute war couldn’t care less about these beloved precious one’s of others, and without an once of concern are quite willing to incessantly murder innocent children, name what they are doing collateral damage and “leave them to die like a tramp on the street.”

Did not the U.S Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, say on an international public television broadcast that killing 400,000 children under 12 years of age in Iraq  was “worth it” in order to achieve the goals that those who control the U.S. government desired to achieve? After a visit to Vietnam  in the 1960s during the U.S. war on Vietnam, Rev. Daniel Berrigan, famously and accurately called Vietnam, “The Land of the Burning Children.” It could just as well have been called, as could Iraq today, “The Land of a Million Pietas.”

Editor’s Note: This photo could as well be Yemen.

This video concludes with a pledge and covenant to which all mothers are invited to commit:

A Mother’s Pledge to and Covenant with

Every Other Mother

I will not raise my precious child to kill your precious child.

And if it is within my power, I will

not hand over my beloved child to others

to kill your beloved child, or

to learn how to kill the one you cherish.

Not up to Youtube’s community guidelines!

-Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

Dr Kohls is a retired family physician from Duluth, MN, USA. Since his retirement from his holistic mental health practice he has been writing weekly columns for northeast Minnesota’s major alternative newsweekly magazine, the Duluth Reader. His columns, which are widely re-published around the world, deal with the dangers of American fascism, corporatism, conscienceless industrialization, militarism, racism, xenophobia, malnutrition, global warming, climate geo-engineering/solar radiation management, the dangers of electromagnetic radiation, and more.

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By Published On: September 3rd, 2019Comments Off on You Tube Censorship: Pieta Mothers of Sorrow

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