Update on ALEC, Center for Media and Democracy

With legislatures again convening, invaluable information about who belongs to ALEC and will be pushing their agenda.  The website also includes information about which corporations belong to ALEC and which have withdrawn. The latest major corporation to withdraw is Verizon.

Center for Media and Democracy

Verizon Dumps ALEC, Denounces Speaker as Racist


Verizon has decided to quit the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) following a public outcry over the corporate lobby group’s hosting of David Horowitz as a prominent speaker at its annual meeting in New Orleans in August.

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Who Is Behind ALEC?

What Is ALEC?Who Funds ALEC?

ALEC Corporations

ALEC Politicians (all states)

ALEC Non-Profits and Think Tanks

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ALEC’s Koch Connection

Common Cause Trove of ALEC Task Force Docs

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