Aida Touma-Sliman: Israel’s New Apartheid Law

The growth of right-wing extremism in Israel’s domestic and foreign policy. A talk with a question and answer session about Israel’s New Apartheid law and more information related to Palestine and Israel. Touma-Sliman also presented at a panel on the Middle East at the Veterans For Peace Annual Conference, August 22-26, 2018.

Aida Touma-Sliman was elected to the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) in 2015, the fourth Arab-Israeli woman to become a member of the Knesset. She was born in Nazareth into a Christian Palestinian family and earned a B.A. in psychology and Arabic literature from the University of Haifa. She lives in Acre with her two daughters (since her husband’s death in 2011). Touma-Sliman founded the Arab feminist group Women Against Violence in 1992. She joined the Hadash party, later becoming editor in chief of Al-Ittihad, an Arabic language newspaper owned by the Israeli Communist Party, a faction in Hadash. She became the first female member of the High Follow-Up Committee for Arab Citizens of Israel and co-founded the International Women’s Commission for a Just Palestinian-Israeli Peace.

The August 26, 2018 talk was sponsored by Women against Military Madness (WAMM) and Veterans for Peace, Chapter 27, Minneapolis, MN and organized by the U.S. Peace Council.

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