I compiled the information in the “Bedside Glossary.” Although I wrote most of it, I also cobbled together phrases here and there that came from other writers. Therefore, I am reluctant to be considered the “author” of this document. That is why my name does not appear on the glossary itself. Contact me at billmcgrath52@gmail.com. I am happy to discuss any part of the “Bedroom Glossary.” Thanks. 

                                                                                                                                               — Bill McGrath


Assange, Julian: WikiLeaks founder. Assange’s goal in publishing leaked information is to expose America’s unelected power establishment. In 2016, he received two batches of Democratic emails. One of these pertained to the DNC. The other batch involved John Podesta and Hillary. Assange has said that the batch regarding the DNC came from someone inside the DNC, and that neither batch of emails came from Russians. Democratic emails were published by Wikileaks days before the 2016 Democratic convention.

Assange has been confined for seven years in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. If he steps outside the embassy, he is apt to be arrested and extradited to the U.S. Assange has been willing to be interviewed inside the embassy regarding an allegation of rape that supposedly occurred in Sweden. But Assange is not willing to go to Sweden, because then he would be extradited to the United States. No one has ever said publicly that Wikileaks information is inaccurate. Wikileaks never reveals its sources. While campaigning, Trump spoke highly of Wikileaks. But the CIA considers Assange to be an enemy of the people, and Jeff Sessions seems to agree.

Wikileaks released a report, published in the NY Times, that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had approved the world’s largest arms sale, which was to Saudi Arabia and was worth $80 billion. It was alleged that in return, Hillary received political help from the Saudis. Wikileaks also released a report saying that Hillary in 2010 started a campaign against UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, as well as against specific representatives on the UN Security Council. Wikileaks has released many reports that were critical of Russia. Wikileaks released information about the Clinton Foundation, which Hillary said was false. Pompeo said Wikileaks is a “non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by hostile” nations.

In an interview with a Dutch TV station, Assange hinted that the source of the DNC emails was someone who fits the description of Seth Rich, a young American who had worked for the DNC and who was murdered in Washington DC. But Assange did not mention the name of Seth Rich.The only two people who actually know how Wikileaks obtained the DNC’s emails are Assange and Craig Murray. FBI has not interviewed Assange or Murray, nor has Mueller nor any congressional body. In May, 2018, the Ecuadorian embassy is restricting Assange’s contact with the outside world. Americans who support Assange have staged protest vigils outside the Ecuadorian embassy in Washington.

Bana Alabed: Seven-year-old Syrian girl who was featured on CNN. Her scripted words were intended to justify regime-change. It was falsely presented as being real, like the “Kuwaiti incubator babies” we heard about in 1990 when the media was pushing us into the first Iraq war.

Bannon, Steve: According to Assange, Bannon opposes war & U.S. empire. Bannon influenced Trump towards cooperating with Russia to solve international problems. Bannon hates mainstream news media. He persuaded billionaire Robert Mercer to give money to Trump.

Bellingcat: British-based website that blames Assad for a chemical incident in Ghota, and blames Russia for an incident in which a Malaysian plane was shot down over Ukraine.

Bezos, Jeff: Wealthiest person on earth. Bought the Washington Post. CEO of Amazon. Bezos has received hundred of millions of dollars from the CIA. Whoever owns the Washington Post is put into the potential position of being a mouthpiece for the Deep State.

Binney, Bill: After working for NSA 36 years, Binney became a whistleblower. He says Russia had nothing to do with accessing Hillary’s campaign in 2016. Binney told Pompeo that Wikileaks could not have obtained DNC information via a Russian “hack.” Instead, Binney said, evidence points towards DNC information coming from a leak that was inside the DNC. The NSA has the ability to trace a cyber attack back to its source. NSA has never confirmed that the DNC’s emails arrived within Wikileaks due to a cyber attack (a “hack”).

Bolton, John: Bolton is National Security Advisor. Did not need Senate confirmation. He is is a particularly dangerous fanatic, who tried to get Israel to attack Iran, and has promised regime change in Iran by 2019. Predecessor was McMaster. Bolton was UN ambassador under W.

Booz Allen Hamilton: Deep State firm that is dependent on government business. Parent company of Booz Allen Hamilton is the Carlyle Group.

Brazile, Donna: Succeeded Wasserman-Schultz has chair of DNC.  Later, it was shown by WikiLeaks that Brazile had used her position as CNN commentator to relay questions ahead of primary campaign debates to the Hillary campaign. Her book makes the DNC look bad.

Brennan, John: CIA director under Obama. Wanted to overthrow Assad. Brennan was among the first to say that Russia had meddled in the 2016 election. It is important to determine exactly why, in early 2016, he began making these accusations. He may be responsible for getting the FBI to investigate Trump. Two people who need to be questioned by Mueller are Pompeo and Brennan, since both of them headed the CIA during the general timeframe of the 2016 election. Brennan hates Russia partly because Russia prevented Brennan from regime-change in Syria.

Brennan now is  a paid expert consultant on MS-NBC.

Brexit: Favored by the same Nativist types of Brits who would support  a candidate like Trump.

Browder, William: Hedge-fund executive. Anti-Russia. Has blamed specific Russians of defrauding him. The actual story is that Browder was evading taxes. Made big money by taking advantage of loose regulations in Russia. He was the force behind the Magnitsky Act:

Buzzfeed: Sensationalist news site with liberal agenda that tends to publish unverified information. Buzzfeed in January 2017 irresponsibly printed the Steele dossier without verifying its authenticity.

Cambridge Analytica: Allegedly this company gathered information about Facebook users, and turned it over to Trump and to Brexit for their purposes of targeting voters. Probably true that Cambridge Analytica operated in violation of Facebook’s data sharing policies.

CIA: Three presidents have tried to stand up to the CIA. One was shot in the head. The second one resigned from the presidency. The third is Trump, who has tried to make big cuts in funding to the CIA. The CIA is the part of America’s “deep state” that advances empire abroad. Political assassinations, coups d’etats, drug trafficking, arms smuggling and bribery. CIA helps corporations. American people are mostly OK with CIA, because the results of CIA’s propaganda help them feel safe, comfortable and entertained. CIA is not contained within the checks and balances of the Constitution. CIA works with outsourced companies such as Booz Allen Hamilton. American public has congressional oversight of the CIA, but not over Booz Allen Hamilton. NSA  gathers information so that CIA can then execute its game plan.

Clapper, James: Director of National Intelligence in final days of Obama. A Deep Stater, he hates Russians. He carefully selected agents to look into early allegations of election meddling by Russians. Clapper found a few analysts who could be counted upon to implicate Russia. Clapper is a former executive of Booz Allen Hamilton, one of the government’s largest intelligence contractors. Clapper under oath told Congress that the only people who assembled the ICA were analysts whom he had handpicked from the CIA, FBI and NSA. But Hillary and much of the news media have continued to say that all 17 of the nation’s intelligence agencies prepared the ICA, which has become the basis for Russiagate.

Clinton Foundation: While she was Secretary of State, Hillary approved a plan by which Russia was able to control 20 percent of uranium mining in the U.S. A private company, Uranium One, was then acquired by the Russian government. Why would a secretary of state let the government of a foreign country acquire a company that extracts a controversial American resource? One explanation lies in the fact that the chairman of the board of Uranium One, Frank Guistra, made large contributions to the Clinton Foundation. Another angle: Uranium One was represented by the Podesta Group, with several ties to Hillary. Finally, Bill Clinton was paid half a million dollars for one speech that he made to a Russia investment bank. This bank stood to benefit from increases in the value of stock of Uranium One. Podesta’s 2016 emails reveal ties between the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation, and the government of Saudi Arabia. Clinton Foundation received large donations from governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk contributed millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation. He hosted a visit to Ukraine by Chelsea Clinton and her husband.

Cohen, Michael: Trump’s attorney who is being investigated for possible bank fraud and campaign finance violations. Steele dossier says Cohen met with Russians in Prague.

Comey, James: This FBI director at first was investigating improper use of Hillary’s private email server back when she was secretary of state. It had nothing to do with the 2016 election. Comey a week before the 2016 election announced he was again investigating Hillary. Hillary later blamed Comey for her losing the election. Comey brought, to Trump, incriminating aspects of the Steele dossier, and Trump then fired Comey. Comey was succeeded by Mueller in the task of investigating Russiagate. Some Democrats say that when Trump fired Comey, he became guilty of “obstructing justice.”  This charge has nothing to do with Russians, or with why Hillary lost the election. Comey should never have allowed the DNC to hire a private company (CrowdStrike) to investigate alleged “hacking” of the DNC. That company has its own agenda. The investigation should have been done by an independent agency, answerable to the government and the public. Might it be that Comey himself agrees with CrowdStrike’s agenda?

Committee to Investigate Russia: During early phases of Mueller’s investigation, a group most conspicuously represented by celebrities Morgan Freeman and Rob Reiner began releasing videos, telling the TV audience the U. S. “is now in a war with Russia. We have been attacked.” This committee is helping the Deep State bring more internet censorship, as well as belligerent confrontations with a nuclear superpower. But no one holds celebrities responsible.

Crimea: In 2014, 93 percent of the citizens of Crimea voted to re-join Russia. But western media twisted this into being a sinister takeover by Russia. After Russia “annexed” Crimea in 2014, Obama placed sanctions on Russia.

CrowdStrike: Private tech company co-founded by a virulently anti-Putin American of Russian descent. Democratic Party hired CrowdStrike  after the election to see if Russia had hacked Hillary’s campaign. Some say Crowdstrike was working for the FBI. Opposition research, which came from vague sources, was purchased by Hillary’s campaign, and by the DNC. Some of this unvetted material came from the Steele dossier; the rest came from an anti-Putin American company, “CrowdStrike.” If CrowdStrike’s information is eventually proven to be false, the entire Russiagate case falls apart. CrowdStrike was hired to do forensic examination of the DNC’s computers.

The FBI has essentially believed what CrowdStrike says, rather than doing its own investigation. CrowdStrike was brought on board only after DNC discovered that DNC emails had appeared in Wikileaks. Russia was implicated after CrowdStrike said the DNC server contained malware that disables computers. Why did FBI let DNC privatize this investigation?

Deep State: The Deep State is destroying American society. Wants war. Wants to control whoever is president. Wants interventionist empire. Wants censorship. Trump regards the Deep State as his enemy. Hillary seems to believe that the Deep State does not exist. Democrats accuse Republicans of having “conspiracy theories” about the “Deep State.” The Deep State is not a Democrat thing, or a Republican thing. Deep State is not conservative or liberal.

DEFINITION: Deep State is Wall Street, Big Oil, intelligence communities, military-industrial complex, defense agencies, corporate media and plutocrats, CIA and even Silicon Valley. Deep State is a hybrid entity of public and private institutions ruling the country.  Deep State includes Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of Homeland Security, CIA, Justice Department and even the Department of the Treasury. Certain key areas of the judiciary belong to the Deep State, such as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) Court.

WHAT THE DEEP STATE HAS DONE:  It is the thread that runs through the war on terrorism, deindustrialization of the U.S. economy, the rise of a plutocratic social structure and political dysfunction. Deep State has brought us Desert Storm, Grenada, Lebanon, 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and perhaps Iran. It is behind the drone strikes, data mining, secret prisons. Wall Street rewards politicians who support the Deep State. We can see gradual collapse of public infrastructure. Deep State tried to force into the White House a candidate (Hillary) who was promising to set up a no-fly zone in an area where Russian military planes were conducting operations, by invitation of Syria’s president. US deep state currently is using the hysterical cult of anti-Trumpism to manufacture support for increased escalations against Russia. Democrats, who once made up an honorable party, are the ones praising the FBI, CIA and NSA. Democrats collaborate with the deep state’s world-threatening scheme to take down Russia by demanding a drastic increase in online censorship to protect them from Russian propaganda and fake news.

WHAT THE DEEP STATE WANTS: America’s unelected power establishment doesn’t care about impeaching Trump. It cares about paralyzing Russia in order to prevent the rise of a potential rival superpower with its ally China. Deep State does not want the U.S. to be fighting Russia and China at the same time. So the Deep State welcomes Russiagate as a way for Americans to hate Russia so much that sanctions and even military action against Russia will seem warranted. The fact that dozens of American lobbyists, consultants and vultures are making money by destabilizing other nations is OK with the Deep State. Deep State wants what corporations want: Outsourcing, privatization, deregulation, commodifying of labor, and “American Exceptionalism”.

HOW TO GET RID OF DEEP STATE: Deep State likes predictability. It will be interesting when elements within the Deep State turn against one another. Corporate takeovers are a threat to the stability of the Deep State. The last thing that the Deep State wants would be a stable middle east. Deep State does not like congressional sequestration (automatic spending cuts), government shutdown or the threat of default over the debt ceiling extension. Deep State does not like the Tea Party because the TP could send the country into credit default. Good quality alternative media is a threat to the Deep State.

RT dares to expose the other side of stories that the status quo wants to skew, and it has been reporting far more accurately for months on the Syrian debacle than any US source. American press and the American Deep State are terrified of RT. Silicon Valley wants the NSA to stop its demands regarding access to the privacy of Silicon Valley customers. Silicon Valley is lobbying Congress to restrain the NSA, which is part of the Deep State. Things that would help get rid of the Deep state include public financing of elections, an end to privatizations, a tax policy that values human labor and a trade policy that favors exporting manufactured goods over exporting investment capital. The people need to attack the establishment narrative on Russia, the DNC lawsuit, and Seth Rich. People need to pay more attention to appropriations bills, promotion lists and special tax subsidies for certain corporations. The intelligence community declared war on Trump. Now the people need to vote Trump out of office, and start recognizing and dismantling the Deep State. Nothing lasts forever.

Democratic National Committee (DNC): The charter of the Democratic National Party states, in Article Five, Section 4: “The chairperson shall be responsible for ensuring that the national officers and staff of the Democratic National Committee maintain impartiality and even-handedness during the Democratic Party Presidential nominating process.” This is known as the “Impartiality Clause.” Sanders was just as legitimate a candidate as Hillary. Yet when Sanders wanted to announce his candidacy in April 2015, DNC would not let him make his announcement at DNC headquarters. A year before the general election, DNC falsely accused the Sanders campaign of hacking into DNC computers. To punish the Sanders campaign for this “data breach,” the pro-Hillary DNC temporarily prevented the Sanders campaign from accessing its own donor list. DNC debates between Sanders and Hillary were scheduled at strange times, including major football games.

As the primary contest moved into the states, there were DNC allegations that Sanders supporters were unruly, bordering on violence. There was a false report in Nevada that Sanders people were throwing chairs, a non-existent event that Rachel Maddow publicized. Meanwhile, DNC raised money. At a fundraiser in George Clooney’s home, people were allowed to donate huge amounts of money, in violation of campaign finance laws. The reason for ignoring the law, according to DNC, was that this was not money going to Hillary; Instead it was money to be shared within the Democratic parties of each state. And yet, a lot of money from the Clooney fundraiser ended up in a “Hillary Victory Fund” prior to the national Democratic convention. This sort of thing is described in Donna Brazile’s 2017 book. It was as if the DNC had become part of Hillary’s primary campaign.

Then in summer of 2016, there were the two releases of emails, which were published in Wikileaks. One batch of Hillary-related emails received by Wikileaks came from the DNC’s computer. The emails indicated that the DNC had been favoring Hillary throughout the primaries, rather than remaining neutral. In 2016, the DNC paid for the Steele Dossier, and also paid for the CrowdStrike study related to servers used by the DNC. Even to this day, the FBI has been blocked by the DNC from examining DNC’s servers. Hours after Hillary conceded the election, a plan was developed by Robbie Mook and John Podesta to blame the election results on the Russians. The DNC has become indebted to corporate America and to super-rich donors.

Department of Homeland Security: This agency in September, 2017, said 21 states had been targeted during the 2016 election by Russian cyber-operatives.

Elias, Marc: Main attorney for Hillary’s campaign. His company is Perkins Coie. Elias, representing both Hillary and the DNC, hired Fusion GPS to conduct research regarding Trump’s ties to Russia. Fusion GPS then hired Steele. [See Christopher Steele]

Emoluments Clause in U.S. Constitution: This is a means through which Trump might be removed from the presidency. It might be argued that Trump has violated the foreign clause, which could become grounds for impeachment. It would need to be proven that he accepted, without permission from Congress, payments from foreign governments. To be in violation of the domestic clause, it would need to be shown that he caused the U.S. government to spend money at businesses he owns.

Exceptionalism: This is the right and duty of the U.S. to meddle in every region of the world with coercive diplomacy and boots on the ground and to ignore international norms of civilized behavior. Once you subscribe to the idea that “If there’s going to be one dominant bully, it might as well be us,” then you justify any U.S. attacks anywhere, for any reason.

Facebook: Russians supposedly bought $100,000 worth of Facebook ads. Only half of these ads appeared in Facebook prior to the 2016 election. But Facebook has bowed to the bipartisan demand for new algorithms to stigmatize, marginalize and eliminate information that challenges mainstream storylines in the cause of fighting “Russian propaganda.” Facebook and Google now use algorithms to detect and eliminate information that mainstream media considers fake.

FBI: Meddling in the 2016 election was permitted by the American intelligence community to favor one candidate (Hillary) over another. Why, in the summer of 2016, was the FBI involved in surveillance of one presidential candidate, but not of the other? Why, at that time, did FBI look at only one of the candidate’s business relationships with people in another country?

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA): This law deals with the extent to which the executive branch can conduct surveillance. FISA was installed in the  late 1970’s by Democrats in response to spying conducted by Nixon against activist and political groups. FISA includes a court that can issue warrants. The number of FISA warrants issued each year has grown dramatically, especially since our great, gullible nation became obsessed with “terrorism” and “national security.” Executive branch gained more FISA powers towards the end of W’s second term. Republicans in 2007-08 pushed for granting immunity to telecommunications corporations accused of infringing on the privacy of individuals. Those corporations had cooperated with the National Security Agency (NSA) in conducting surveillance.

Critics of FISA are alarmed by warrantless electronic surveillance. Democrats today tend to support expansion of court oversight of government surveillance inside the U.S. Members of the Obama administration, including Comey, have been accused of improperly using FISA to conduct surveillance of Trump’s political campaign. FISA gave CIA permission to conduct surveillance of Trump-connected individuals such as Carter Page and Manafort. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Amendments Act of 2008 retroactively legalized Bush administration’s illegal and unconstitutional surveillance. After FBI read the Steele dossier, FISA warrants were obtained for use against individuals connected to Trump. In April, 2018, Nunes (R-CA) warned of legal consequences for officials who misled the FISA Court to enable surveillance on Trump and his associates. Almost all FISA requests are approved.

Flynn, Michael: National Security Advisor for a few months under Trump. Relatively pro-Russia. Had dinner with Putin. Received money from foreign governments. Flynn became “susceptible to blackmail.” Mueller charged Flynn with lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russians in 2016. He pled guilty and is currently cooperating with Mueller. Israel had asked Flynn to get Russia to block a UN resolution that was critical of Israel illegally expanding settlements on Palestinian land. So rather than Russia trying to get Flynn to do something, it was Flynn being asked to get Russia to do something to help Israel. Flynn had two conversations with the Russian ambassador following the 2016 election. Flynn had asked Russians not to react inappropriately to sanctions placed upon them by Obama in December 2016. But because Flynn did not disclose this to Pence, Flynn technically was guilty of “lying.”

Flynn was tripped up by failing to submit, within the proper timetable, proper registration regarding lobbying he had done on behalf of the Turkish government. Flynn was replaced by McMaster, who was replaced by Bolton. Flynn’s resignation is one of the main things that Mueller is concentrating on.

Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA): Russian Television (RT) was forced by Trump’s Department of Justice to register its employees as foreign agents under FARA.

Full Disclosure: I who compiled these pages was an enthusiastic supporter of McGovern, Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Wellstone, Kucinich, Kerry, Obama, Bernie & many other Democrats.

Fusion GPS: This opposition-research company did two things: It looked into the supposed hacking of the 2016 election. But it also arranged for compilation of the Steele Dossier, which detailed alleged misdeeds committed by Trump years before he was even a candidate for president. In April 2016, DNC and Hillary’s campaign, through lawyer Marc Elias, hired Fusion GPS to assemble a dossier that would provide dirt on Trump. This was three months before the DNC blamed Russia for hacking its computers and supposedly giving its stolen emails to WikiLeaks to help Trump.

Hillary’s campaign paid for Steele’s work by way of Fusion GPS. Prior to that, Fusion GPS had been gathering information on Trump, under contract with an undisclosed Republican donor. After Trump obtained the nomination, GPS Fusion began working for the combined DNC/Hillary campaign. Fusion GPS has been accused of setting up a sting that consisted oTrump Junior meeting with the Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.

Gates, Rick: Former Manafort business associate. They set up a company and got wealthy Russian Oleg Deripaska to invest. Gates was indicted on charges of conspiracy against the U.S., plus money-laundering, bank fraud, tax evasion and false statements. Manafort and Gates are accused of violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) by  working as unlicensed lobbyists. The consulting firm to which Gates and Manafort belonged allegedly received millions of dollars from a pro-Russian party in Ukraine, then hid the money in tax havens.

Google: This is the internet’s dominant search engine. Congressional pressure is on Google and other social media to eliminate Fake News. This is leading to censorship of independent news sources. Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii wants Google to have a mission statement specifying that Google will “prevent the fomenting of discord.” Senator McCain and others already forced Google and Facebook to disclose the purchasers of online political advertising. Mainstream media (NY Times, Washington Post, CNN) has lost billions of dollars in ad revenue because of social media.

CEO of Google’s parent company, Eric Schmidt, said  Google will hide news material coming from RT and Sputnik, because it might contain “misinformation.”  Because of the change in late 2017 within Google’s prioritizing of news sources, it is becoming hard for American citizens to use Google in obtaining news from WikiLeaks, Alternet, Counterpunch, Global Research, Democracy Now, Consortium News, Common Dreams, Truthout, and WSWS.

For instance, new Google algorithms send readers to sites such as NY Times, rather than sites like Truthdig. Big technology companies such as Google are going to be in position of deciding what is and what is not “fake news.” But if outfits such as Google put themselves into that publishing/editor role — instead of just being a neutral venue for websites — they could be held responsible for what THEY are publishing. Then Google may find itself regulated by section 230 of U.S. Communication Decency Act.

Gorbachev: He and both Reagan and Bush One agreed that if Russia went along with re-unification of Germany, the U.S. would drop any efforts to expand NATO into countries bordering Russia. Subsequently, Russia lived up to its agreement. The U.S. did not.

Hersh, Sy: Veteran journalist, famous for exposing the My Lai massacre during Vietnam, and Abu Ghraib during the Iraq War. Hersh has said Russia had nothing to do with getting Democratic emails published by Wikileaks. Instead, Hersh has said the leaker was someone inside the DNC — possibly Seth Rich, former DNC employee who was murdered in 2016.

Hillary: Politician who appeals to educated white women. Hillary represents what’s wrong with modern American politics. Trump represents what’s wrong with America. Both Hillary and Trump have corrupt ties throughout the world. While secretary of state, Hillary was using a private server for email. This is illegal. She also deleted many of those emails, and even destroyed some hard drives that contained her emails. Nearly a year before she became the party’s endorsed candidate, Hillary had taken over control of the DNC. Hillary was paid $675,000 for one speech she delivered to Goldman Sachs executives. Wikileaks showed that in that speech,  she was planning on having what she called both a “public position and a private position” on economic topics. Leaked emails disclosed the content of these speeches.

In 2015, Hillary promoted an anti-Russia agenda that was not shared by her boss, Obama. She repeatedly called for a no-fly zone to prevent Syrian and Russian air forces from attacking ISIS. If she had been allowed to do this, U.S. and Russia could easily have become involved in a “regime change” war that could turn nuclear. In a debate with Trump in October 2016, Clinton lied when she asserted that “17 intelligence agencies” had all concluded that Russia was behind the WikiLeaks releases. It was not 17 agencies; it was handpicked members from only three of those agencies. The refugee crisis in Europe became dramatically worse because of desperate people trying to escape Libya after Hillary, Samantha Power and NATO destroyed the Libyan government in 2011.

More than anything else, Hillary hates Wikileaks. Leaked information, presented by Wikileaks, showed that DNC chair Donna Brazile was giving debate questions to Hillary in advance. Wikileaks also published emails that showed both Hillary and Bill Clinton taking bribes from Morocco and Qatar. Finally, Wikileak emails told of deals that the Clinton Foundation had made in return for foreign donations. Money that came in from the George Clooney fundraiser were supposed to be shared among Democratic parties within each state. Instead, the money ended up in Hillary’s campaign. DNC looks bad as a result of what the DNC emails say about discrimination against Sanders in the primary. But the Podesta emails make Hillary herself look bad.

A final irony: In 2006, after Hamas won the Palestinian election, Hilary was interviewed by “The Jewish Press,” an American newspaper. She said: “I do not think we should have pushed for an election in the Palestinian territories. And if we were going to push for an election, we should have done something to determine who was going to win.”

Huffington Post: Previously was run honorably by Arianna Huffington. But since summer of 2016, it has been controlled by Lydia Polgreen.

Human Rights Watch: Recently has sent out  fundraising appeals including statements such as “Putin authorized a series of computer hacks to sway the outcome of the 2016 US  presidential election.” This hasn’t been proven. And what does it have to do with humans rights?

Identity politics: Convenient, superficial coloring-book approach to voting. If you are gay, you support the gay candidate. If you think there should be more black people in government, you vote for the black candidate. If you think left-handed people face discrimination, you vote for the left-handed candidate. You really don’t need to have a friggin’ clue as to what is actually going on in the world. The 24/7 news industry loves identity politics. Because Identity Politics creates Wedge Issues, it is one of many things that is destroying the Democratic Party.

Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA): Opinion issued on Jan. 6, 2017, by selected members of U.S. intelligence agencies. It said that Russians may have influenced the election.

Iran: Russia’s biggest strategic ally in the Middle East is Iran. Because most powerful Congressional Democrats incessantly blame Russia for causing Hillary to lose the election, those Democrats have paved the way for Trump’s belligerence towards Iran. So if Trump initiates military against Iran, the anti-Russia votes that were cast by Democrats in summer 2017 will add to the chances of war with both Iran and Russia. Potentially millions of Russian and Iranian citizens may be killed so that people like Chuck Schumer can get rid of Trump.

ISIS: Flynn is apt to testify that Trump asked him to help orchestrate collaboration with Russia in fighting ISIS in Syria, an agenda Trump has openly espoused since long before the election.

Klobuchar, Amy: She is major author of the proposed Honest Ads Act. It is intended to provide teeth for existing law that prevents foreigners from influencing U.S. election via paid advertising. Klobuchar is pushing this bill in response to Facebook ads, purchased by people inside Russia. Those ads did not mention Trump or Hillary Clinton, but instead commented on issues such as LGBT, race issues, immigration and gun rights. This is the mentality and these are the priorities of Klobuchar. She finds the exact middle of the existing Democratic Party, and hides there.

Kushner, Jared: Met with Russians at Trump Tower in June 2016, an event that included Donald Trump Jr. and Manafort.  The Americans apparently were expected to get incriminating information about Hillary. Among the Russians was Natalia Veselnitskaya, a lawyer. Officials from United Arab Emirates, China, Israel, and Mexico have also sought to influence Kushner.

Maddow, Rachel: The major fan, within the media, of the Democratic National Committee. Best-known MSNBC personality. Her coverage distorts the facts. MSNBC has devoted more time to Russiagate than any other cable network. In Nevada, Sanders delegates were excluded from participation by the Hillary-leaning chairperson. The delegates were angry. So Rachel ran footage of fans throwing chairs during a professional wrestling event, but led her audience to believe that the chair-throwing was being done by Sanders delegates. Maddow is a consummate cherry-picker: She can talk about Yemen, emphasizing Houthi missile activity, but not even mentioning hundreds of civilians killed by Saudis who are using American weapons.

Magnitsky Act: William Browder is a crooked American who seven years ago teamed up with a crooked Russian named Magnitsky. NY Times has tried to portray Magnitsky as a whistle-blower. Actually, Magnitsky was likely an accomplice of Browder.  Magnitsky got caught and subsequently died in a prison hospital.The distorted story of what happened to Magnitsky was used by the US Congress in deciding to pass the Magnitsky Act that allows the U.S. to place sanctions on Russians. A documentary – “The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes” – was produced by filmmaker Andrei Nekrasov, but has been suppressed by western authorities.

Manafort, Paul: Trump’s former campaign manager, and the most vulnerable member of Trump’s team. Manafort, as well as Flynn, is a red herring, designed to divert attention to the coverup of (A) How Wikileaks actually acquired DNC emails and (B) How Wikileaks information incriminates the Hillary campaign, the DNC and specific branches of the intelligence community. Years before joining the Trump campaign, Manafort made money off of crooked Ukrainians, but laundered the money —essentially,  large-scale white-collar crime. Manafort was supporting pro-Russia forces within Ukraine. He had business dealings with pro-Russian people in Ukraine. But those business dealings occurred before Manafort joined the Trump campaign. It was a major strategic blunder for the Trump campaign to hire someone as manager who had as much baggage as Manafort. During the 2016 presidential campaign, the FBI obtained a secret court order to wiretap the office of Trump’s campaign manager, Manafort. Manafort took part in the June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower with a group of Russians who’d promised to deliver dirt on Hillary. While Manafort was Trump’s campaign manager, Manafort met with the Russian Oleg Deripasta. But Manafort says the meeting was about money owed to Manafort. He was indicted for financial crimes, as was Rick Gates. Indictments against Gates and Manafort have nothing to do with either Trump or Russia. Instead Manafort has been indicted for money-laundering, conspiracy, bank fraud, tax evasion, making false statements and obstruction of justice. He also failed to filed to register as a foreign agent. He is accused of being a lobbyist on behalf of Ukrainians. Those charges against Manafort have to do with the fact that he failed to report income on work that he had done on behalf of the elected government of Ukraine — four years before Trump became the presidential candidate. Most likely, Manafort will be found guilty of having doctored affidavits or falsifying information. Mueller’s prosecution of Manifold is apt to end up as a plea-bargain. Manafort also is in a position to reveal incriminating information about the Podesta brothers. Manafort hired the Podesta Group. Officials in United Arab Emirates, China, Israel, and Mexico sought to influence Manafort.

Manning, Chelsea: Leaked Iraq atrocity photos to Wikileaks, while serving  in military. Imprisoned by government for several years. Now running for U.S. Senate in Maryland..

Marble Framework: This is one of CIA’s cyber tools. This software, developed while Brennan was CIA director, can deliberately make it unclear from whence a document came. Marble Framework therefore can be used by CIA to pull off a false flag operation, without investigators being able to trace it back to the CIA.

Mattis, James: Secretary of Defense. Mattis tried to prevent U.S. attack on Syria, April 2018. This puts Mattis at odds with the CIA, which has wanted regime change in Syria for years. Mattis was skeptical of the “mass casualty chemical attack”, which would provoke the wrath of the US war machine, just as Trump was seeking a withdrawal from Syria and just as Assad was approaching victory in Douma.

McCabe, Andrew: Former acting FBI director. He leaked information to the media regarding the FBI’s investigation of the Clinton Foundation.

McCain, John: Consistently calls for more funding for the military-industrial complex. Encouraged the coup that allowed fascists to take over Ukraine. Has long advocated overthrowing the Syrian government. Has met with US-backed jihadist proxies. Many former U.S. politicians become financially involved in Ukrainian politics and economic transactions.

May, Theresa: Accused Russia of poisoning Skripal. As prime minister, she shows  affinity to Trump’s views on immigration. Her principle competitor is Jeremy Corbyn.

MSNBC: On TV, political perspectives you see debated range from MSNBC to Fox. Everyone on American TV is cool with American Empire. Not so much withTV in other countries!

Murray, Craig: Previously a British ambassador. Murray told British news media that he received DNC emails from a person who physically handed them to him near American University in Washington DC. He said that person was working inside the Democratic Party and had legal access to the emails. Murray said that the leaker was motivated by corruption within the Clinton Foundation, and also by the DNC’s efforts to prevent Sanders from getting party endorsement. Murray then gave the emails to Wikileaks. Murray said that the documents subsequently published by Wikileaks were the documents that had been handed to him, personally. FBI has never interviewed Murray regarding Murray’s version of how Wikileaks obtained the documents. Computer experts say DNC emails were downloaded by a memory key or a similarly portable data-storage device — not by a “hack.” This is consistent with Murray’s version.

National Security Agency: Operates under Department of Defense (unlike CIA). Engaged in surveillance and secret data collection. Snowden exposed some NSA abuses. NSA identifies middle east targets to be used within CIA’s extrajudicial assassinations. NSA’s warrantless surveillance provoked outrage among citizens including Tea Party politicians such as  Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI). Nowadays, Democrats approve of NSA activities.

NATO: NATO is the attack-dog of the Deep State. If we do not dismantle NATO, America is going to participate in a nuclear war that will be initiated through a false flag, committed by NATO or by Israel (which is not a member of NATO). NATO became objectionable after the demise of the Soviet Union. Gorbachev had extended sensible overtures to both Reagan and Bush the First. He said he was OK with re-unification of Germany, provided that the U.S. refrain from weaponizing outer space, and refrain from extending NATO into countries near Russia. In the early 1990’s there even was talk of a mutual US-Russian anti-missile system. Then came Bill Clinton. He under the guise of NATO brought a military campaign into what had been internal fighting within Yugoslavia. Russia cast a veto in the UN Security Council opposing the aggression involving Kosovo, but NATO in 1999 attacked Serbia anyway. George W Bush in 2002 unilaterally withdrew from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. Since then, more than 30 NATO bases have been installed in eastern Europe, including Romania and the Balkans. In 2008, NATO began moving into Ukraine. A Ukrainian coup was inevitable according to NATO’s timetable, and it came in 2014. The anti-Russia government in Ukraine has made it easy for NATO to have thousands of troops, missiles and nuclear-equipped warships off the coasts of Russia including the Black Sea. Ukraine may become a member of NATO. Deep State will rejoice when U.S. weapons flow into Ukraine. And north of Ukraine, we see NATO troops and missiles in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland. Finally, there is Syria, where Russians already have been killed by NATO member, Turkey. The U.S. hesitates to do “regime change” by itself. But it can hide behind NATO in Syria through deposing an elected secular leader, as it did through the Hillary-inspired NATO debacle in Libya. Belligerent language can often be traced to NATO Supreme Commander Gen. Philip Breedlove. If NATO succeeds in destroying Russia, corporations can go in and frack for Russia’s natural gas, which will please certain European nations. NATO needs to be dissolved. In its place should be built a collective security system that includes Russia.

Navalny, Aleksei: As an individual, Navalny is viewed in western media as Putin’s most visible political opponent. However, the Communist party in Russia is a larger constituency than the group supporting Navalny. There are other strong opposition politicians including the nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Considered a liberal, Navalny was banned from the last election because he had been convicted of fraud. Navalny said charges against him were politically motivated.

Netanyahu: Embodies the evil face of Israel. If Netanyahu is removed from power, another man will embody the evil face of Israel.

New York Times: In the middle of the twentieth century, the Times was one of the more admirable examples among news organizations. Even today, NY Times is a reliable source on many topics. But when it comes to coverage of Russia, Ukraine, Syria, NATO and Israel/Palestine, it deliberately misleads the public. Worse yet, the NY Times influences all other mainstream news media including National Public Radio. No, the answer is not to watch Fox News. The answer is to scan quickly what the Times has to offer, and then look at other sources. The NY Times’ political  agenda dominates its news articles.

NY Times reporters, when writing news articles about specific nations, frequently rely on unverified allegations, citing  anonymous sources. NY Times reporters, when writing news articles about those nations, use nouns, adjectives, adverbs and verbs that carry a bias. Lazy, self-absorbed reporters jump to conclusions and use words like “apparent, likely, suspected, linked to, believed to be.” NY Times reporters, when writing about those nations, will cherry-pick sources: In other words, the reporter will interview only people (like the “White Helmets”) whose comments support a pre-ordained point-of-view. NY Times reporters, when writing about those nations, are sloppy in their placement of disputable information, without any attribution at all: There are many instances where these reporters are allowed to say that “so and so” is commonly believed to be “such-and-such.” Commonly believed by whom? Sometimes the NY Times headline is much more sensational than the article itself.

The bias of the NY Times is consistently anti-Russian and anti-Assad. Often these NY Times news reports also display a pro-Israel bias. Several NY Times reporters who write about Israel/Palestine are dual citizens of Israel and the U.S. And some of those same reporters have children serving in the Israeli military. Because Israel welcomes chaos in nearby nations such as Iraq and Syria, any country that tries to mitigate such chaos (such as Russia) may be at odds with Israel.

For a year and a half beginning in late 2016, the NY Times has run roughly one article per day about the alleged collusion between Trump and the Putin government. On many days. there have been multiple news articles attempting to link Trump with Putin. It is fine for columnists and writers of newspaper editorials to convey opinion. It is not OK for news reporters to put out articles that are indistinguishable from opinion columns. Many of the Russia bashers at the NY Times are dual nationality Israeli-American zionists. Some news articles in the NY Times will give the impression that U.S. military intervention in a foreign country is being done for humanitarian reasons. Most modern mainstream reporters in the U.S. and Britain live in a bubble, an echo chamber where they interact only with other people who have the same distorted sense of reality. Bosses of these reporters also share that patriotic ethos. NY Times sees nothing wrong with running articles that get praise from government officials and advertisers. Example: One Russian-purchased ad in Facebook, for instance, essentially was a collection of photographs of puppies. NY Times in its news articles actually described these puppy pictures as being a Russian attempt to sway the 2016 election.

NY Times in 2002 and early 2003 promoted the false idea that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Western media including the NY Times rarely present viewpoints of people in Iran, Palestine, Russia or North Korea. NY Times seems reluctant to question the agenda of the Deep State, and instead parrot the  justifications offered by military and state department.

Both NY Times and Washington Post have supported every U.S. invasion of the last 30 years, except for Grenada. A foreign policy that aligns with the interests of the Deep State emerged during the latter years of Abe Rosenthal’s tenure as NY Times editor. Papers like the NY Times have good reason to fear and hate RT. When the NY Times lies about the reasons Trump won, it strengthens the Deep State. Lots of good journalists, like Chris Hedges, left the NY Times. Some questionable reporters at the NY Times are Andrew Higgins, Scott Shane, Isabel Kershner, Neil Macfarquhar, Michael Gordon, Eric Schmitt, Sheryl Gay Stolberg, Steven Lee Myers, Andrew E. Kramer, Nicholas Confessore, Daiusuke Wakabpuashi, Michael S. Schmidt, Maggie Haberman, and David M. Herszenhorn.

Nuland, Victoria: Former Assistant Secretary of State, and worked under Hillary. Helped facilitate the coup that allowed fascists to take over Ukraine in 2014.

Nunes, Devin: Republican congressman whose House Intelligence Committee has looked into Democrat wrongdoing. Nunes suspects that intelligence personnel within the Obama administration used improper surveillance regarding Carter Page. Nunes’ committee issued a subpoena to Fusion GPS to provide answers regarding verification of information in the Steele dossier. Nunes has tried to discover who paid for the Steele dossier. He wants to discover what caused the Obama administration to conduct surveillance of Trump’s associates. In April 2018, Nunes and other House Republicans referred, to the Department of Justice, allegations of criminal violations of federal law that they say may have been committed by Hillary, Comey, Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe and others.

Obama: Relatively ethical president who did not want to be assassinated. Bad things happened under his watch affecting Libya, Ukraine and Syria. One month after the 2016 election, he knew about accusations pertaining to Trump and alleged Russian collusion. That is why he imposed sanctions on Russia. Obama’s Justice Department has been accused by Republicans of improper surveillance, including FISA, against political opponents during the 2016 campaign.

Oligarchs: Five years ago, no one applied this term to Koch Brothers, Soros, Bezos, Bill Gates, Adelson, Saban or other American tycoons. But once mainstream news media convinced us that Russia is our enemy, we became acquainted with oligarchs who seem to exist only in the Slavic-speaking world. Ukrainian oligarchs include Pinchuk (pipelines, steel, banking, media); Firtash (Russian natural gas) and Akhmetov (helped get Yanukovych into power in Ukraine). Russian oligarchs include Deripasks, (rumored to have ties to Putin.) Oligarchs in modern Russia control oil, steel, aluminum, gas, and nickel. Russian money-laundering through high end real estate, which began in the days of Yeltsin, is a major issue in London and New York.

Operation Mockingbird: CIA influence over mainstream media.

Page, Carter: Low-level unpaid foreign-affairs adviser to Trump during campaign. Page gave a speech to a Moscow school. He developed business relationships with several Russians.

Papadopoulos, George: Trump campaign worker who said Russia was in possession of incriminating emails pertaining to Hillary. Later he admitted that he had lied to the FBI regarding Russians having those emails. He was tripped up by his testimony when he gave an incorrect date on which he met with a professor who is a Russia expert. One suspicion regarding contentions of Papadopoulos is the possibility that Russians had incriminating Hillary/DNC/Podesta emails, before the emails reached Wikileaks, or reached American officials. FBI has said it began surveillance of Trump’s associates because of statements made by Papadopoulos.

Perkins Coie: Washington DC law firm headed by Marc Elias. Hired by Hillary’s campaign and by DNC to enlist an opposition-research company that would discredit Hillary’s presidential opponent. Perkins Coie then hired a research firm, Fusion GPS, to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia. Hillary and DNC used Perkins Coie to launder money that was used to create the Steele dossier. Perkins Coie later tried to get the FBI to name Russia as being the hacker who had breached the DNC server. FBI refused. So Perkins Coie got the Washington Post to run an article implicating Russia.

Podesta, John: Brother of Tony. John is significant for things that happened within the U.S. His brother Tony was involved in what was going on in Ukraine, Saudi Arabia and other nations. Manafort is apt to have information which could damage both Podesta brothers. One batch of emails received by Wikileaks came from John Podesta’s computer while he was Hillary’s campaign manager. One thing that the Podesta emails revealed was the strong influence that Haim Saban had on Hillary’s campaign. Saban is a pro-Israel billionaire in Hollywood. John Podesta’s emails also showed that Donna Brazile had fed questions to Hilary prior to some of her televised debates with Sanders. Finally, Podesta’s emails descried how the DNC had deliberately scheduled primaries and debates in ways that helped Hillary and hurt Sanders.

Podesta, Tony: Brother of John. Founder of the Podesta Group. This company, at the time of the first Obama administration, lobbied on behalf of Sberbank, the largest bank in Russia. U.S. imposed sanctions on Sberbank after the 2014 Ukranian coup. Tony also had business ties with the Uranium One company. Tony represented organizations supporting Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich. In April 2018, Podesta Group was named within Mueller’s Manafort indictment, saying  Podesta had failed to register as a foreign agent, in regards to working on behalf of the Ukrainian government that existed up until 2014.

Pompeo, Mike:  Secretary of State. Former CIA director. Hates Russia. He said Wikileaks should be prosecuted for giving information to Russia.  Pompeo tried to get Congress to declare Wikileaks “a non state hostile intelligence service” that does not deserve First Amendment protection. Pompeo said that Putin “is a man for whom veracity doesn’t translate into English.”

Putin, Vladimir: Obama called Putin in 2012 to congratulate Putin on his electoral victory, and America rejoiced at Obama’s statesmanship. Trump called Putin in 2018 to congratulate Putin on his electoral victory, and mainstream media went ballistic. Putin, along with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, continue to insist that the Russian government had nothing to do with Democratic emails released via WikiLeaks in 2016.

Putin is being accused in western media of preposterous deeds, including poisoning of the Skripals in Britain. Demonizing Putin is part of the crusade to get rid of Trump. This demonization helps the DNC. But the anti-Putin frenzy also benefits the military industrial complex, the Deep State, Wall Street and the CIA. Because Putin has helped the Syrian government get rid of ISIS, Putin is unpopular with those who want chaos within nations near Israel. All of these anti-Putin constituencies in America would prefer to have a compliant pro-USA leader such as the late buffoon, Boris Yeltsin, who gave American tycoons control of Russia’s resources.

The push for regime change in Russia, which would put a U.S. — friendly puppet back in power, represents the first time in history that the U.S. has contemplated regime-change involving a nuclear-armed nation. Putin’s problems with America’s Deep State began when he gave a speech at the World Economic forum (“Davos”), in which he warned of a “unipolar” world dominated by the United States. In one theater after another — Ukraine, Syria, North Korea, Iran and even the Black Sea itself— the United States is trying to provoke Putin into a shooting war. The only country in the world right now that has good relations with Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel, Turkey, Iraq and Syria — is Russia. Putin offered to cut arsenals to 1,000 nuclear weapons, but has in turn received a series of sanctions from the U.S.

Reliable info sources regarding topics on these pages: Here are some who use journalistic principles: Al Jazeera, Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley, Bloomberg, Max Blumenthal, Tucker Carlson, Stephen Cohen, Consortiumnews, Counterpunch, Dandelionsalad, Paula Densnow, Gilbert Doctorow, Jimmy Dore, Robert Fisk, Glen Ford, Phil Giraldi, Glenn Greenwald, Daniel Herman, Seymour Hersh, Hiatus, Dahr Jamail, Paul Jay of the Real News, Caitlin Johnstone, John Kiriakou, Daniel Kovalik,  Joe Lauria, Patrick Lawrence of The Nation, Daniel Lazare, Jonathan Marshall, Abby Martin, Aaron Maté, Ray McGovern, Mark Crispin Miller, Andrew McCarthy, Alexander Mercouris, Mint Press News, Moon of Alabama, Nation Magazine, Robert Parry (deceased), Coleen Rowley, Paul Craig Roberts, Ed Schultz, Alice Slater, Rick Sterling, Jeffrey Sterling, Oliver Stone, Paul Street, Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone, Truthdig, Truthout, Julianne Tveten, Philip Weiss and Mike Whitney. You also can be confident about most of what you read from Associated Press or Reuters, because news articles from those sources go through several editors.

Rich, Seth: Young staffer of the National Democratic Committee who was murdered in D.C. in summer 2016. The murder has not been solved. One narrative is that Rich had preferred Sanders, and had given incriminating DNC emails to someone who then gave them to Wikileaks. After Rich was murdered, Wikileaks offered $20,000 for information that would lead to apprehension and conviction of the murderer. This might mean that Wikileaks had some connection with Seth Rich while he was alive.

Rogers, Mike: NSA Director. He was the first to tell Trump that his campaign was under surveillance.  Rogers is in a position to reveal whether NSA has hard evidence of DNC servers having been hacked by Russia.

Russians who were indicted: The only indictments which relate to the 2016 election involve 13 Russian civilians accused of violating federal election finance laws and identify theft. The indictments do not involve actions altering election results or which indicate collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Those indictments arose due to social media activities by the 13 Russians. American attorneys for the 13 Russians are accusing Mueller of pettifoggery.

RT: This Russian-Based information source was ordered by the Justice Department to register under the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA). A lot of RT’s news reports have pertained to activities such as third-party candidates, Occupy Wall Street and activists opposed to fracking.

Sater, Felix: American businessman, originally from Russia. He claimed to have ties within Russia that would help Trump become president. In fall of 2015, Sater and Trump’s lawyer talked about a real estate deal that would involve Moscow property. The deal went nowhere.

Schultz, Debbie Wasserman: This woman damaged the Democratic Party, a party that I have actively supported since 1972. As chair of the DNC, Wasserman Schultz collaborated with one of the party’s presidential candidates, at the expense of that Democratic candidate’s chief rival. Wasserman Schultz helped turn the DNC into an extension of Hillary’s campaign. Wasserman Schultz and others at the top of the Democratic Party violated the “Impartiality Clause” within their party’s charter. Wasserman Schultz prevented Sanders workers from obtaining voter roll information that was freely given to the Hillary campaign. According to John Podesta’s emails, Wasserman Schultz beginning in 2014 was scheduling debates and primaries in ways that favored Hillary over Sanders. She spread false rumors that during a state convention, deranged Sanders delegates began throwing chairs. The agenda-driven Rachel Maddow contributed to this myth, by running a bogus clip of people throwing chairs during a professional wrestling event, implying that they were supporters of Sanders. Brazile also discovered DNC staffing and financing relationships that Clinton had with Wasserman Schultz.  So Wassermann Schultz had a lot to do with the outcome of the Democratic primary election.

Sessions, Jeff: Trump’s attorney general. Sessions has said under oath that he has had no improper conversations with Russians.

Skripal incident: A former Russia spy and his daughter in England were found to have been exposed to poison. A few days later Theresa May said “It is now clear that Mr Skripal and his daughter were poisoned with a military-grade nerve agent of a type developed by Russia. It is part of a group of nerve agents known as Novichok.” There was no laboratory basis for suspecting Russia. There was no reason for Russia to harm Mr. Skripal. He had been living in Britain for eight years without incident. We first were told that the “Novichok” was planted in Yulia Skripal’s suitcase. Then we were told that it was administered via air vents in their car. We were told that it was delivered by a weaponized miniature drone. We were told that the Novichok was smeared on the family’s car door handle. There was a report that poison was delivered within Russian buckwheat cereal.

A more likely story is that British TV in 2016 had been showing a specific British-American TV spy drama called “Strike Back,” in which sinister Russians are killing people with a substance called Novichok. The U.S. government and news media never seem to want to allow a full neutral investigation to run its course. Nonetheless, on this flimsy basis, Western governments, led by the UK and then naively by the Trump administration, rushed to expel 100 or more Russian diplomats—the greatest number ever.

Snowden, Edward: Revealed the extent of surveillance conducted by the Deep State towards American citizens. American public responded to the Snowden revelations by pressuring  House members to vote against funding warrantless surveillance by NSA against civilians.

Steele, Christopher: British MI6 intelligence agent, specializing in Russia until 2010. The “Steele dossier”, which came to the attention of Americans in summer 2016, seems be the main reason why government officials began Russiagate. The 35-page dossier says Trump’s campaign and the Russian government were collaborating to defeat Hillary. It cites anonymous Russian sources who claimed that the Russian government was blackmailing and bribing Trump. Steele’s dossier suggests that Trump’s interactions with Russians, prior to his becoming a candidate, now put Trump into compromising predicaments.

It is not known where Steele got his information. Steele had not been in Russia for several years, and yet he says he began revealing information in 2016 that was coming, without payment, from people in high-level Russian intelligence. Some suspect the dossier information may have instead come from Nellie Ohr who is married to Bruce Ohr. Bruce works in the U.S. Justice Department, and also had been employed by Fusion GPS. Steele was hired by Fusion GPS. The Steele dossier was paid for by Hillary and the DNC.

If key information in the Steele dossier is eventually proven to be false, the entire Russiagate case falls apart. Steele did not start working for Fusion GPS until after Trump received the Republican endorsement. The veracity of some of the dossier has been challenged by Trump’s attorney, Michael D. Cohen. The Steele dossier has been studied by Mueller’s investigation, by the Senate’s Intelligence Committee and by the House Intelligence Committee. The Steele dossier is invariably represented in the NY Times as having been the product of Steele, whom the paper describes as “a respected former British spy with extensive experience in Russia.” Steele has refused to speak with the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Syria: Western media will give the impression that Al-Assad Bashar is a tyrant, worse than Hitler. Western mainstream media would have us believe that Syrian freedom fighters have gotten caught up in a civil war against a brutal dictator who is backed by an evil foreign power. (Russia) Actually, the forces fighting against the Syrian government are often found to be non-Syrian personnel supported by Saudi Arabia and Qatar and receiving weapons from Israel and NATO. Islamist militants have received support from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Jordan and Israel. American weapons have been found among Al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate, Nusra Front, and Al Qaeda’s spinoff, the Islamic State.

A pattern has emerged among insurgents in Syria: Whenever they are about to be defeated, claims of chemical attacks resurface. Such claims are meant to provoke intervention from the international community, as intervention is the only thing that can save them. America’s Deep State started the Syrian war and is now using lies and propaganda to manufacture support for additional use of military force to prevent Syria from restoring stability to its own nation. All these predators needed to do was secure congressional Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists in the wake of the September 11 attacks. As the result, US-centralized empire can justify permanent military encampments in any location by simply flooding the area with terrorists.

Syria’s border dispute with Israel over the Golan Heights continues because Israel has every reason to want to keep Syria destabilized. This is not only because Golan contains oil but because it provides a third of Israel’s water supply. And, just as in Iraq, our attack on Syria is done under pretense of humanitarianism while really being all about resources. Only difference is it’s being done predominantly with violent militia groups and drones this time. American “boots on the grounds” would wake up at least sections of the anti-war movement in America. Deep State is trying to prevent a pipeline from Iran, through Syria, and then by tanker to Europe. Western media leads us to believe that Syria’s government is persecuting “moderate rebels,” while it is actually gangs of foreign funded Wahhabi extremist terrorists who are acting to benefit the Deep State.

Troll Farm: Thirteen Russians were charged by prosecutor Mueller with defrauding the United States. The 13 were said to have been connected with what  the mainstream media is calling a “troll farm”.  Anonymous sources in the NY Times say the troll farms are linked to the Kremlin. Facebook sold ads to a companies inside Russia called Internet Research Agency, Concord Management, and Concord Catering. (Thank goodness we have no “troll farms” in the U.S.)

Trump: He needs to be removed from office, overwhelmingly, by voters through the electoral college in 2020. Not assassinated, nor impeached on some legal technicality. He attracts voters who were led to believe their problems are caused by poor people, and that an “outsider” was needed to “drain the swamp.” Hillary represents what’s wrong with modern American politics. Trump represents what’s wrong with America. The cynical personality of Trump resonates within enough American voters so that he was able to win electoral college vote in places like Wisconsin and Michigan. He should not be president, but America has become the kind of place where someone like Trump inevitably will rise to the top. When Trump is gone, another creation of TV will try hard to take Trump’s place. Prior to election,

Trump opposed pre-emptive war, opposed TPP, wanted to leave Afghanistan and supported Russia’s efforts to help Assad. Since election, Trump has cozied up to Israel, moving the embassy, bombing Syria and ending the nuclear agreement with Iran. It is conceivable that Mueller will indict Trump on a charge of obstructing justice. This could be based on the fact that Trump stupidly said, on TV, that he had fired Comey because of “the Russia thing.” Trump came under surveillance by FBI because FBI was told to rely on information from CrowdStrike and the Steele dossier — both of which were paid for by the DNC during the time that DNC and Hillary’s campaign were essentially the same entity. On top of being obnoxious, Trump is continuing the Bush/Obama foreign policy of killing civilians, while continuing “war on terror” surveillance. A quote by Kucinich: “Trump beat both parties.”

Trump is the worst president in American history. Anyone wearing a pussycat needs to find out why Trump got elected. Hint: It had nothing to do with Russia.

Trump Junior: This young man in June 2016 met with a female Russian lawyer in Trump Tower in New York. It is widely believed that this was done because Trump Junior thought he could receive dirt regarding Hillary. Manafort and Jared Kuschner also were present.

Ukraine: Gorbachev got Bush the First to promise that, once the Berlin Wall came down, NATO would not go any further eastward. But the U. S. and NATO violated this repeatedly, starting with Bill Clinton in the former Yugoslavia. Then under Obama, the Deep State, NATO and the CIA began using Ukraine as the wedge with which to gain U.S. control over eastern Europe. Two Americans prominent in this effort were Victoria Nuland, assistant secretary of state under Hillary, and Sen. McCain. President Yanukovych had been expected to lean towards the west, but in November 2013, he moved towards closer economic ties with Russia. Protests in Kiev’s main square lasted for three months. It culminated in scores of deaths. Yanukovich fled to Russia. The 2013-14 Maidan protests destabilized and ultimately overthrew the elected government of Ukraine.

The next president, Poroschenko, joined specific Americans (Hilary, Nuland and Robert Kagan) in blaming Russian sympathizers. Subsequent tensions led to the current New Cold War with Russia. Poroschenko pushed Ukraine into joining the EU and NATO. After Yanukovych was forced out, the new Ukrainian regime began killing ethnic Russians most of whom live in eastern Ukraine regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, which together make up “Donbass.” Poroshenko’s domestic intelligence apparatus has received extensive surveillance equipment from the CIA and other agencies of the U. S. Mattis proposed that Ukraine be sent U.S. – made Javelin anti-tank missiles. Anti-Russian propaganda in Ukraine is coming from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

Uranium One: Company acquired by Russians so that they could mine uranium in the U.S. Hilary and the Clinton Foundation were involved in this transaction.

Vault 7:  A collection of CIA documents. Vault7 information, published by Wikileaks, showed how the CIA can forge evidence to make it look as though a computer has been hacked. It’s like leaving phony fingerprints at the scene of a crime. Using the false-flag techniques of Vault7, an “investigative” company such as CrowdStrike could make it look like the alleged computer “hack” of the DNC had been done by an Iranian, a Russian, a Korean — or anyone else.

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPs): In 2003, a group of U.S. intelligence officers, including NSA specialists, questioned the premise of the impending attack on Iraq. That group, in the wake of the 2016 election, assembled again to question the dominant narrative of demonizing Russia. VIPs say information released to Wikileaks was leaked by way of a storage device, rather than a “hack.” Based on transmission speed, the VIPs suggest that the information was transferred on an external storage device – a thumb drive. Furthermore, VIPs say the transfer of information occurred on the East Coast — not in eastern Europe. VIPs say that the first DNC/Hillary leak to Wikileaks occurred prior to June 12, 2016, and the second leak occurred on July 5, 2016. Skip Folden, Ray McGovern, Bill Binney are among the VIPs.

Warner, Mark: Democratic senator from Virginia. Ranking Democrat on Senate Intelligence Committee. More than anyone else in the senate, Warner is obsessed with the belief that Russians meddled in the 2016 election through Facebook ads. It is true that people inside Russia bought $100,000 worth of Facebook ads during a 3-year period. Compare that with Facebook’s annual revenue of $27 billion. And half of those $100,000 in FB ads were shown after the 2016 election. But Warner’s committee has interviewed people such as Brennan, who reflexively will say that Russia is to blame, rather than someone like Assange, who as founder of Wikileaks would surely know who supplied the DNC/Hillary emails to Wikileaks. More than any other senator, Warner is responsible for Facebook and Google screening out writers who criticize Hillary or the Deep State.

Wedge Issues: These are distractions, manufactured by the 24/7 mainstream media, to divert attention from the fact that Israel and the Deep State have taken over the Democratic Party. Wedge issues include abortion, gay marriage, guns, immigration, “persecuted“ religions especially Judaism, prayer in schools, sex scandals, treatment of women in faraway countries, child marriages in faraway countries, voting irregularities in faraway countries, minimum wage, “welfare queens,” founding fathers who owned slaves, animal rights, marijuana, death penalty, pedophile priests, statues of regional heroes, sexual harassment in the military, Indian mascots, athletes using drugs, patriotism in airports, whether obnoxious overpaid celebrities have a right to privacy, and whether government surveillance is good or bad.

We should not ignore wedge issues. But we should recognize that wedge issues are used to prevent us from addressing “War on Terror,” “Rich Getting Richer,” “Deep State,” “Environmental Devastation” and “Whether the U.S. Should Continue to be an Empire.”

White Helmets: Official name of this controversial group is “Syrian Civil Defense.” White Helmets portray themselves as being impartial NGOs. But White Helmets have been accused, by Russia and by others, of staging propaganda events, and of faking evidence, videos and photographs. They have even been accused of working with Al Qaeda. Often they are the first responders when a dangerous event occurs in an area held by anti-Assad rebels. White Helmets invariably blame Assad for attacks against Syrian citizens, but sometimes the attacks cannot even be confirmed. The group produced a Netflix movie that won a short-documentary Oscar.

Western media tend to believe claims made by White Helmets. White Helmets receive money from the government of UK and U.S. One of Trump’s bombings, occurring after reports of a chemical weapons attack at Khan Sheikhoun, was prompted largely by information from a heavily publicized CNN video released by White Helmets. An independent journalist, Vanessa Beeley, has presented information critical of the White Helmets. Marketed by a top PR firm, White Helmets openly advocate for regime change. Western media is enamored with the group, although journalists such as Robert Fisk have disputed specific claims of the White Helmets.

Wikileaks: Organization hated by Hillary and Pompeo. Wikileaks showed U.S. atrocities in Iraq, plus U.S. interference in elections all over the world. Wikileaks revealed that the U.S. government was planning to “retaliate and cause pain” to countries refusing GMOs. Wikileaks gets much of its information from leaks divulged by government insiders. Wikileaks never reveals its sources. Wikileaks is protected by the First Amendment.

Yanukovych: Pro-Russian former President of Ukraine. Demonized by western mainstream media. Manafort helped Yanukovych attain power in Ukraine. John McCain and Victoria Nuland were among Americans who helped the enemies of Vanukovych. His reign ended after he rejected a trade agreement with the EU and turned instead, during 2014, to Russia.

Yeltsin, Boris:  Pro-America Russian politician. The U.S. influenced the Russian election in 1996 so that Yeltsin would win the presidency. Without efforts by American NGOs and the US embassy in Moscow, the Russian Communist Party probably would have won in 1996. American businesses looted Russia during the 1990s. Yeltsin’s re-election in 1996 was achieved partly by efforts by Americans named Gorton, Dresner, and Shumate. The biggest campaign donation to Yeltsin in 1996 came, not from Russians, but instead from the International Monetary Fund. Americans who were meddling in the 1996 Russian election portrayed Yeltsin as being the alternative to reviving “Communism.”

Bill Clinton, as president, publicly stated his support for Yeltsin prior to the Russian election of 1996. Influential media figures inside Russia, collaborating with Americans, led the Russian people to believe that if Yeltsin lost, the country would plunge into civil war. The

Russian people sank into abject poverty throughout the 1990’s. Their plight became even worse after Yeltsin’s 1996 re-election. Wall Street and Deep State want another Boris Yeltsin running Russia.

Yemen: Proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, but conducted inside the poorest of  Arab-speaking nations. U.S. supports Saudi Arabia.

You Are Being Lied To: This is the whole message of the “Bedside Glossary.”

Zuckerberg, Mark: Senators including Feinstein have told Zuckerberg to give them contents of any Facebook ads, targeted to anyone in the United States, that were purchased by anyone who might be connected to Russia. Subsequently it was found that most of these 2016 ads did not pertain to the election, but instead addressed topics including LGBT, black social issues, Second Amendment and immigration. Zuckerberg was told to determine locations of “troll farms” inside Russia that supposedly create fake Facebook accounts. Subsequent investigation led to one troll farm that may be in St. Petersburg operating as “Internet Research Agency.”

An associate member of Veterans for Peace, Bill McGrath is from Minnesota.

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Sue Ann Martinson, Editor, Rise Up Times

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