Some changes are taking place at Rise Up Times.

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Dear Fellow Activists,

Some changes are taking place at Rise Up Times. Because of the political and cultural climate we are currently immersed and engaged in the demands of information in important articles that need to be shared has grown in exponentially. Because of the time it takes to post articles on the blog, I will be reducing the number of full articles I post, putting only those I consider very significant on the blog itself. I will be increasing the number of articles I post under the headings at the top of the website, and encourage you to check them by simply clicking on the links often. You will find articles on topics of interest and importance under each category, with a brief description, and by clicking on the article’s title you can easily pull up the full article.

I will continue to post on several social media sites, including Rise Up Times pages on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbler and Linked In. On my personal Facebook page I will be posting articles of interest that may not be included elsewhere in Rise Up Times, as well as local events. Coleen Rowley also often posts articles of importance on the Rise Up Times Facebook page. The Twin Cities Events & Actions drop-down link at the top of will continue to include links to calendars for local events.

In addition, Rise Up Times is pleased to have been asked to join the Rhymes Media Group, and a link to the Rhymes Media Group website is included. The Rhymes Media Group includes, teleSUR EnglishBlack Agenda Report,  Mint Press NewsNews Junkie PostFreedom RiderRise Up Times, and Anti-Media

This system of posting, which I have been experimenting with for some time, allows Rise Up Times to cover many more critical stories and issues than I could possibly post in full to the main blog page, still providing access to full articles of interest and consequence in these Rise Up Times.

I hope you will take advantage of this new system of posting and enjoy even more up-to-date news as well as thoughtful articles, essays, and videos about the state of the nation, the state of the world, and news of activists striving for a better world everywhere.

Sue Ann Martinson, Editor, Rise Up Times

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  1. Good job Sue Ann!


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