During the vigil on September 17, 2017 at the Open House at Camp Ripley, two members went inside and took some photos. Clearly it was family day. Here is a slideshow with just a hint of what went on during the Open House.

The vigil was sponsored by the Brainerd Area Coalition for Peace and endorsed by Women Against Military Madness.
Camp Ripley is located at 15000 Highway 115, north of Little Falls, Minnesota.
The vigil’s purpose is to increase public awareness of the devastation drone warfare causes by protesting against Camp Ripley’s drone pilot training program. Camp Ripley does not fly drones overseas, but the training it provides enables pilots to use killer drones.
The vigil will demand an end to U.S. drone assassinations, the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. forces from the Middle East and Afghanistan, and the termination of U.S. support for Saudi Arabia’s brutal war on Yemen.
Camp Ripley is also a major trainer of state and local police forces. The vigil was held in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and support the movement’s demand to demilitarize the police force.
We saw many military vehicles with the names of county or city sheriff or police departments on them entering the gates.
The vigil’s pro-peace message will counter the pro-war propaganda Camp Ripley spreads during Open House Day, the biannual event when Camp Ripley invites the public to visit the base.

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