As we know now, the real power is exercised by the deep states that have the upper hand on the press, the judiciary, the army and the intelligence services. The French deep state is also closely connected with its US counterpart.   

This cartoon came to Rise Up Times via Linked In from France.  

Nous le savons maintenant, le véritable pouvoir est exercé par les états profonds qui ont la haute main sur la presse, la justice, l’armée et les services de renseignement. L’état profond français est en plus étroitement connecté avec son homologue US.  

Read DENNIS J. BERNSTEIN | COLEEN ROWLEY INTERVIEW: SURVEILLANCE STATE GOES AFTER TRUMP in which Coleen separates the wheat from the chaff so to speak, noting that there is no evidence that the Russians own Trump. At the same time, FBI director James Comey was very circumspect in his wording in declaring that Trump Tower was not “wiretapped” with good reason. The full article is worth reading.

Editor’s Note: Also for consideration is a trend I noted on Facebook both in the US and in Europe during and after the election, namely that Hillary was going to lead us into nuclear war so a vote for Trump would keep us out of nuclear war because he has [alleged] connections with Putin. In brief Facebook (FB) conversations with European FB people, they did not seem to understand at that time, which was just before the election, all the real threats by Trump to democracy, to America, and to the world, neither Trump’s blatant racism nor his capitalistic neoliberal greed. Others in the US (were they trolls?) blatantly stated that if Bernie did not get the nomination, they would vote for Trump. Yet I also can’t help but think that the Trump campaign, busy attacking Hillary about the emails, encouraged the connection to Putin in both the US and worldwide to garner votes and support because of course people are afraid of nuclear war. Hillary appeared to take a stand for nuclear war if necessary to not appear weak (cliche, women are weak) and to garner votes from neo-con sympathetic Republicans. All this, on both the Republican and Democrat sides, is politics at its worst.

On the military side, Trump has carried on Obama’s worst policies and in some cases escalated military mayhem around the world, including, of course, and additional $56 billion to the military budget that creates a lot more money for his CEO cronies in the defense industry. Besides the racist wall and ban, with the removal of environmental safeguards by the EPA and other safeguards that hinder corporate greed and worldwide domination, he is methodically creating a climate of neoliberal enterprise for himself and his cronies that promotes global capitalism and empire but ignores human rights and the devastation of the planet.

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By Published On: March 31st, 2017Comments Off on Trump and the Deep State

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