Joseph Gerson | The Peace Movement and Resistance in Dark Times

Rise Up Times

What’s next? It’s too early to be definitive, but here are some thoughts: Listen to as many of today’s speakers as you can, and find ways that you can act in solidarity with immigrants, Muslims and people of color. It’s time to be marching in the streets, vigiling on town commons and talking with family, friends and neighbors.  We need to use this period of intense mobilization as a foundation for longer term organizing, including creating affinity groups that can take independent actions and collaborate with others.   

We woke to a different country on November 9, 2016, one…

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  1. Kathy McKay · ·

    This older Joseph Gerson article (from December) I like as it reminds us of times we had to band together in earlier times and encourages everyone to band together again across issues.


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