For a list of actions nationwide (and worldwide) and more information and resources go to  While focusing on this particular week for action, this is a much broader and longer campaign

Local action: 


SEPTEMBER 24. 5:00-6:00 pm Vigil
t the Lake St./Marshall Ave. Peace Bridge

Signs will be available on the St. Paul side of the bridge we will gather on the St. Paul side of the bridge to hear speakers at 6:00 pm.  Bring instruments with your passion for justice and peace.  All are welcome. There will be a children’s activity.


In the face of the enormous violence and injustice we face today, the power of active nonviolence is needed now more than ever. This is why Pace e Bene initiated Campaign Nonviolence—a long-term movement mainstreaming nonviolence as an obvious and natural way of life and taking action for a world that works for all of us.
Nonviolence is a force for truth, justice, and the well-being of all that is neither passive nor violent. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. put it, nonviolence is “the love that does justice.” It is an orientation that unleashes creativity, connectedness, and compassion. It is a way of life and a means of transforming the world.
At this critical turning point, we are called to mainstream nonviolence by living nonviolence, studying the principles and methods of nonviolence, sharing the stories of nonviolence, building the means of nonviolence, and taking nonviolence public—in our neighborhoods, schools, religious communities, organizations, cities, and societies.
We invite people everywhere to mainstream active nonviolence by:

  • Practicing nonviolence toward themselves
  • Practicing nonviolence toward all others, and
  • Practicing nonviolence toward the world by joining the global movement to abolish war, end poverty, reverse the climate crisis, and challenge all forms of violence.

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    Over 200 actions planned nationwide and internationally. Check the website for an action near you. That’s beside the NYC climate march, which also has a Peace and Justice contingency led by the Veterans for Peace

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