Bruce Gagnon: Who Values Life the Most?

One familiar refrain from politicians…

Young boy in Syria sleeps between the graves of his parents

Bruce Gagnon  Organizing Notes  August 10, 2014

One familiar refrain
from politicians
and media
in the US
is that
‘we value life’
more than
around the world

This is of course
totally ridiculous
and spin
intended to provide
moral justification
for the Pentagon’s
endless wars
for resource

The air strikes in Iraq
began just hours after Obama
authorized them
in a televised address
he said
that the US had an obligation
to protect its personnel in Iraq
and prevent a potential genocide
of minority groups by ISIS
(ISIS who the US/Jordan/Saudi Arabia/
England/Israel funded and trained)

Suddenly Obama is concerned
about genocide
apparently oblivious
to Palestine
eastern Ukraine
and American
Indian reservations

knowing of the great
reluctance and
outright opposition
of US citizens to
‘boots on the ground’
promises none

“I think the slippery slope analogy
is the right one for Iraq right now,”
said Barry Posen,
director of the Security Studies program
at MIT

The cost for another
Iraq attack?
No worries
Those ‘entitlement’
social security
even troop
can be cut

with few jobs
what choice
do US soldiers
flip burgers
or fight
for oil

We value
they say
in Washington
but in fact
they value

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