Power to the Peaceful2By Brigid McDonald

November/December 2013  WAMM Newsletter

After trillions and trillions
no war have we won.
What could have been done
with all the war mon $?

Each school child could have
a free instrument.
Now wouldn’t that be
Money well spent?

Every mother and child
we could be giving
an adequate income
for comfortable living.

All old folks could have
a home healthcare aide
and poor people’s heat
would always be paid.

Each playground at school
would have fun play advocates.
They’d get good pay
for the cost of two jets.

And students in college
would not need to fret.
A free education is
what they would get.

Beautiful bridges kept safe
for billy goats to cross
and cars, trucks and buses.
No lives would be lost.

Sustainable farming
would get subsidized dough.
More youth could be farmers—
healthy food they would grow.

Away with Monsato
and bad corporate greed.
The farmers we speak of
the world’s hungry they’d feed.

Our dear soldiers coming home
All bent out of shape
would get care and attention
Without the red tape.

And when all people on earth
are in such a good place
with the extra money we’ll have
we’ll explore outer space.

Brigid McDonald is a long-time WAMM member and peace and justice activist.
© 2013 Women Against Military Madness.
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