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Dallas police remind expected Bush Library dedication protesters of restrictions

Bruce BerryVietnam veteran Bruce Berry [from Minnesota] headed to get more crosses as protesters set them in a grassy area in memory of those who died in the Bush administration wars during a protest Tuesday across Central Expressway from the Bush Presidential Center, near the SMU Boulevard intersection. (Louis DeLuca/Staff Photographer)

The Dallas Police Department this morning issued this alert for those planning to protest the George W. Bush Presidential Center dedication on Thursday morning:
The public is allowed to gather on the east side of North Central Expressway between Mockingbird and SMU Blvd.
Pedestrians are reminded that they cannot block passageways or sidewalks nor walk in the roadways, per state law.
Pedestrians cannot trespass onto private property and must leave if asked to do so.
The alert comes days after activists won their battle with the city of Dallas over their plans to protest the dedication, as our Robert Wilonsky reported. But with the highest level of security in place in and around the festivities tomorrow, the protesters will be closely watched.

Cindy Sheehan Protests At Bush Library Dedication

04/25/13 10:17 AM ET EDT AP  HuffingtonPost.com
Cindy Sheehan Bush Library
DALLAS — Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan is among the protesters gathering near the site where the George W. Bush Presidential Center will be dedicated.
She says she’s protesting both Bush and his successor in the oval office.
Sheehan famously camped out near Bush’s Crawford, Texas, ranch to protest the war in Iraq. Eight years after her son died in Iraq, Sheehan says she still has a reason to protest.
Sheehan feels that President Barack Obama has maintained much of Bush’s national security strategy.
She says: “I wake up every day feeling like today’s the day to make a difference. I never question the correctness of what I’m doing or the need for it.”

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Protesters Gather Outside Bush Library Ceremony

DALLAS April 25, 2013 (AP)

 About 50 protesters have gathered amid a heavy police presence as thousands make their way to the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

The protests were restricted Thursday morning to a zone cordoned off by barricades and separated from the center by a highway.
About 30 protesters are wearing black while holding signs exclaiming, “Crimes against humanity” and “Does America have a conscience?” Other signs list the names of soldiers and others who died in wars launched by the Bush administration.
Coleen Rowley of Apple Valley, Minn., is wearing an orange jumpsuit and yelling “Close Guantanamo,” a reference to the U.S. detention facility for suspected insurgents. She directed her comments to some of the 10,000 people heading to the campus of Southern Methodist University for the dedication.
Coleen Rowley is a member of the WAMM Board of Directors.


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