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Here’s our new song that Pat wrote today (7/31/12) for CodePink and V Day’s latest action: “Take Your Vagina to the RNC! August 26-30” Info on the demos here: http://codepink.org/article.php?id=6178

Lyrics to the song below. Feel free to sing it — with all your body parts!

Peace & love,
Pat & Sandy
emma’s revolution

Take Your Vagina to the RNC!
© 2012 Pat Humphries, Moving Forward Music, BMI

If you’re tired of legislators pushing you to 2nd class
Gather up your outrage and get up off your ass
End the War on Women, take this opportunity
Take your vagina to the RNC!

Take your vagina to the RNC!
Let’s start behaving like a true majority
Show these guys that power
Isn’t in the way you pee
Take your vagina to the RNC!

If you’ve had enough of gender inequality
Hope a bus to Florida or come along with me
Women are the pillars of our shared economy
Take your vagina to the RNC!

If you want to stop the violent threats that hover near
Save our reproductive rights and freedom to be queer
Use the power that men have feared throughout all history
Take your vagina to the RNC!

With the Republican War on Womenthe silencing of Reps. Lisa Brown & Barb Bynum for saying the “V” word in the Michigan House of Representatives, the vast range of anti-abortion bills, from forced ultrasound to fetal personhood, cropping up all over the country, thevitriolic hyperbole against the extension of women’s reproductive health care that we all received via the Affordable HeathCare Act yesterday, etc. etc., the concept is just that much more . . . likely.

So on Monday, when our friend & co-director of CodePink, Rae Abileahwrote asking if we knew any songs to fit the theme of “Bring Your Vagina to the RNC”, their upcoming demonstration in Tampa with Eve Ensler’s V-Day, Pat instantly thought, “Let’s just write one.” So, she did.

Pat wrote “Take Your Vagina to the RNC!” on Tuesday afternoon and, that evening, we recorded it, posted it on our YouTube Channel and started to put out the word.

Almost immediately, we got cheers from folks on our FaceBook page and hilarious comments like Geoffrey’s “I would if I could!” (to which Sandy replied, “Check out this picture on the Codepink website. You can bring an honorary one!) and our former housemate, Alice’s “I never leave home without mine.” Our assistant Maria reposted the song and got this response from a Canadian cousin: “haha I don’t know what RNC is but I totally wanna take my vagina there just because of this song lol awesome”

Rae and CodePink co-founders Medea Benjamin & Jodie Evans were thrilled with the song. And Jodie forwarded it to Eve Ensler, who wrote back–from her extraordinary project in the Congo“this is hysterical. love it.”

 We hope you’ll love “Take Your Vagina to the RNC!”, too.

Listen and then share it in your communities. We want folks–with all types of body parts–to have a laugh and then take action everywhere for women’s rights and freedom.

And, yes, we are now looking at ways to keep our long-before-arranged family commitments that last week of August and still make it to the RNC and DNC demos! (CodePink’s action there is called “Bust Up Big Banks”, pun intended). Hope to see you there.

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