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Derrick Crowe, Brave New Foundation joins Thom Hartmann. Meet the top one-one hundredth of one percent – America’s war profiteers who are making enormous bucks hurtling our nation into one war after another. The Brave New Foundation has just launched a new campaign to expose the one-one hundredth of one percenters in America.

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  1. Rise Up Times September 21, 2014 at 12:31 PM

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    Flood Wall Street on Monday, September 22nd. The .01 person of the 1% are corporate CEOs of military weapons manufacturers. #floodwallstreet #antiwar #propeace #naomi klein

  2. […] And here is the link to the video that explains who the top .01 percent are, namely, CEO’s of weapons manufacturers. […]

  3. […] Editor’s Note:  The pledge for Freedom Plaza is listed below. It does include war as an issue.  Antiwar work needs to be incorporated into all OWS/Occupy movement work.  In many places it is.  Suzan Koch’s closing sentence is a challenge for the progressive movement to provide the leadership to ensure that Occupiers understand at a deep level that the military industrial  media complex is all of a piece, on a continuum, starting with the fact that the top .01 percent are not Wall Street moguls, are not Banksters, but are CEOs of arms manufacturers, namely Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Boeing.  See the video from Thom Hartmann/Brave New Foundation here. […]

  4. BBFMAIL November 29, 2011 at 4:06 PM

    War Profiteers..do not start the wars…we need to look to our present and former Presidents..and the Democrat and Republican congresspersons who went along..as usual with them…when we want to seriously discuss the problem. Look at Obama…who seemingly hasn’t found a war he doesn’t like. I thought Bush was the worse…I was wrong.


    Obama to Launch New War in Africa
    Posted by Grant J. Kidney on October 14th, 2011

    He expanded the wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan. He bombed away at targets in Pakistan. Then he made his way into Libya. Barack Obama is hardly the nobel laureate for peace- proof of this is the commander-in-chief’s recent proposal to commit U.S. troops to a new and bloody war- this time in the heart of Africa.

    Of course every war that the U.S. gets involved in must have a corresponding “cover story” for mass public consumption. I mean, its not like the military industrial complex can just out in the open admit that they’re engaged in expanding a global empire much like that of the Romans.

    So what’s the excuse this time? A population that needs “liberated” through warfare from an “evil dictator” who just so happens to be sitting upon billions of barrels of oil? Nope- been there, done that. This time we’re being told that the people of Africa need saved from a band of criminals who rape, kidnap, and torture.

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