Dealing with the Corporate Media

 By Kevin Zeese – Posted on 25 July 2011 believes that along with an independent political movement we need independent media. The Neiman Watchdog column below explains our doubts about corporate media coverage generally as well as for   

In the media critique column by John Hanrahan, a former reporter who has a solid record of monitoring the corporate media, he quotes Vernon Loeb, a Washington Post editor acknowledging that two recent antiwar protests held in December and in March were newsworthy and the Post should have covered them.  This may help get the Post to cover but our long experience with the Post is they will not do the project justice and most likely will bury the story deep in the paper.  (Of course, if we were 50 tea party activists we would be on the front page!)

In the final paragraphs I explain’s attitude toward the media.  To explain further, we are focusing on the independent media because they will provide accurate and honest coverage without the conflict of interests that corporate media has.  And, by having widespread coverage in the independent media it will help to keep the corporate media honest.  Their credibiity is already at an all-time low, and if they know there will be widespread independent media coverage then they also will realize that if they ignore us; lie or denigrate us falsely that the truth will be told by others and their credibiity will sink further.

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