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Henry Giroux: Higher Education and the Politics of Disruption

Giroux: What has become clear is that the attack on the social state, workers and unions is now being matched by a full-fledged assault on higher education. Such attacks are not happening just in the United States but in many other parts of the globe where casino capitalism is waging a savage battle to eliminate all of those public spheres that might offer a glimmer of opposition to and protection from market-driven policies, institutions, ideology and values.

Many Americans have heard of the Keystone XL pipeline. Few have heard of Line 61

Elizabeth Ward of the Sierra Club’s Wisconsin branch is particularly concerned about Line 61’s proximity to Lake Superior. “The Great Lakes are all connected, so if something really big happens, it could affect all of them,” she said. “They provide drinking water for 42 million people.”

Chris Taylor: I Attended an ALEC Conference — and Found an Alternative Universe

Secrecy reigned supreme. Minnesota raised taxes on the rich and invested the resulting revenue in public schools, including all-day kindergarten. . . . Yet in 2012 Minnesota had one of the fastest growing economies in the nation, and currently has higher median incomes and lower unemployment and poverty rates than both Wisconsin and Mississippi . […]

CMD/PRWatch Asks Ethics Board to Examine Corporate-Funded Gifts to ALEC Legislators

    PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release (Friday, March 23, 2012)  CONTACT: Brendan Fischer at (608) 260-9713 or brendan@prwatch.org CMD/PRWatch Asks Ethics Board to Examine Corporate-Funded Gifts to ALEC Legislators  New Documents Show Companies Fund “Scholarships” to Resorts plus Ballgames & Perks  MADISON — The Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) filed a complaint today […]

Video> Wisconsin Solidarity Singers

bfealk   Daily Kos      January 13, 2012 In Wisconsin, every week day at noon in the Capitol Rotunda and on Fridays outside the Capitol, the Solidarity Singers sing for an hour.   Their first song every day is We Shall Overcome and the last verse is Walker Won’t Be governor, some day soon.  Today, […]