Cornel West: The Fire of a New Generation

West: ...we’re trying to sustain hope by being a hope. Hope is not simply something that you have; hope is something that you are. So, when Curtis Mayfield says “keep on pushing,” that’s not an abstract conception about optimism in the world. That is an imperative to be a hope for others in the way Christians in the past used to be a blessing — not the idea of praying for a blessings, but being a blessing.

What Have We Wrought, Part III: Anders Breivik and a Culture of Fascism

What Have We Wrought: thoughts on freedom, taxes, capitalism and democracy Part III:  Anders Breivik and a Culture of Fascism These people--these relatives and neighbors--do not fall into the same category as Anders Breivik, the young man who murdered the children in Norway.  They would be as horrified at such terror.  Yet Breivik in the More

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