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The Left’s Embrace of Amazon’s Corporatism Proves Haunting Power of Two-Party Paradigm

Bezos is currently worth around 120.5 billion dollars. If he took a tiny pay cut and knocked his net worth down to a measly 120 billion, none of his workers would need to be on welfare.

Henry A. Giroux | Politics as Pathology in the Warfare State

A culture of fear, hate and bigotry has transformed American politics into a pathology.

Evergreene Digest: America’s War Machine sells fear and loathing beyond Ferguson. Black and brown people pay the price.

From Afghanistan to the NYPD and back again, America’s circle of violence is already repeating itself in 2015. But now is the time to question America’s addiction to violence – and violent racism Tomgram | Adam Hochschild: Thank You for Making War!  Steven W. Thrasher, Guardian <http://www.theguardian.com&gt; Monday 5 January 2015 | The War Machine […]

Chris Hedges: The Dead Rhetoric of War

The myth of war, as each generation discovers over the corpses of its young and the looting of its national treasury by war profiteers, is a lie. Dabadoo (CC BY-ND 2.0) By Chris Hedges  Posted on Sep 16, 2013  truthdig.com A French-language version of this article was published Monday in the newspaper Le Monde. The intoxication of war, fueled by […]

Video> James Corbett> Faking It: How the Media Manipulates the World into War

Faking It: How the Media Manipulates the World into War Posted by Corbett   by James Corbett    grtv.ca    2 January, 2012 As the drums of war begin to beat once again in Iran, Syria, the South China Sea, and other potential hotspots and flashpoints around the globe, concerned citizens are asking how a world so sick of bloodshed and […]

Pakistan Threatens Air Defense at the Border to Counteract NATO Strikes | FDL News Desk

Pakistan Threatens Air Defense at the Border to Counteract NATO Strikes David Dayen     Friday December 9, 2011 12:16 pm       Fire Dog Lake People would rather not focus on the litany of undeclared wars this country currently fights, but when one of the adversaries considers putting defensive weaponry at the border […]

Is a Broader Peace Movement Finally Here? Come Home, America, a request from Coleen Rowley

I’m one of the original endorsers of this Come Home, America letter and which picked up 110 press release placements! Seems to be what we’ve been saying about putting these important issues ahead of loyalty to political parties and individual politicians. You’ll recognize some other Minnesota names too! Please considering signing on and sharing with […]