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Trotskyist Delusions: Obsessed with Stalin, They See Betrayed Revolutions Everywhere by Diana Johnstone

The trouble with some Trotskyists is they’re always “supporting” other peoples’ revolutions, says Diana Johnstone. Their obsession with permanent revolution in the end provides an alibi for permanent war.

Diana Johnstone | Destroying Syria: a Joint Criminal Enterprise

So it’s all about mass murder of defenseless children, and to stop it, we should call on the drone king, Obama, to end “terror from the skies”.

David Swanson: What to Do About ISIS

Bombing is Not the Only Alternative by DAVID SWANSON  Counterpunch.org  WEEKEND EDITION AUGUST 29-31, 2014 Start by recognizing where ISIS came from. The U.S. and its junior partners destroyed Iraq, left a sectarian division, poverty, desperation, and an illegitimate government in Baghdad that did not represent Sunnis or other groups. Then the U.S. armed and […]

Mother Agnes Mariam: In Her Own Words on Syria

You know, before working in reconciliation, I thought the so-called “democratic world” was really protecting freedom of expression and political choices. I am not involved with politics but they are ‘framing’ me; politicizing me.  Am very shocked to learn that in this democratic world it is forbidden to think differently, talk differently and act differently […]

Robert Perry: Treating Anti-Syria Charges as Flat-Fact

Exclusive: More than two months after the chemical weapons attack near Damascus, President Obama has still not released any proof to support his allegations blaming the Syrian government. But the New York Times has embraced the accusations as flat fact, a replay of the run-up to invading Iraq, reports Robert Parry.   §     By Robert Parry […]

Ray McGovern: How War on Syria Lost Its Way

Exclusive: What looked like another U.S. march to war in the Mideast has turned toward a peaceful accord that carries hope of getting Syria to relinquish its chemical weapons and achieving a cease-fire, maybe even an end to the civil war. But some want to resume the drive toward a U.S. attack, ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern says. By […]

Gen. Dempsey: Syria No-Fly Zone an ‘Act of War,’ Would Cost Billions

Move Would Cost $1 Billion Per Month by Jason Ditz  July 22, 2013  antiwar.com In a letter to Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Sen. Carl Levin (D – MI), Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey warned that establishing a no-fly zone would be an “act of war” and would cost an average of $1 billion […]

William Boardman> Our Syrian War

Our Syrian War In deepening Syrian quagmire, U.S. seeks both allies and enemies By William Boardman  27 March 13  Reader Supported News Syrian rebels attend a training session conducted by US intelligence officers in Maaret Ikhwan, near Idlib, Syria. (photo: Muhammed Muheisen/AP) o Declaration of War Needed, Times Makes Official Announcement There were no official […]

Actions and Facts to Oppose Growing U.S. War Danger vs. Syria or Iran

Actions and Facts to Oppose Growing U.S. War Danger vs. Syria or Iran 6/23 – 7/1 Emergency Protests Against the Growing Threat of War on Syria or Iran “Day After” Demos within 24 hours of any NATO attack Hands Off Syria and Iran! End the Drone Wars! We Need Jobs, Education and Healthcare, Not Endless […]

Yu Zhixiao> Arming Syrian Opposition May Lead To Bloody Civil War

Arming Syrian Opposition May Lead To Bloody Civil War ByYu Zhixiao   February 24, 2012     Xinhua News Agency  BEIJING: The two-day Friends of Syria Conference, aimed at rallying  support for the Syrian opposition, starts in Tunis on Friday, and  outsiders will be watching closely whether it will grant essential  backing such as arms to […]

Diana Johnstone> Road to Damascus… and on to Armageddon?

“Western politicians and media are not yet fighting World War III, but they are talking themselves into it.” Road to Damascus… and on to Armageddon? by DIANA JOHNSTONE   FEBRUARY 13, 2012    Counterpunch Paris What if pollsters put this question to citizens of the United States and the European Union : “Which is more important, ensuring […]

Demonization, War Crimes and the Task of the Antiwar Movement, by Sara Flounders

Demonization, War Crimes and the Task of the Antiwar Movement By Sara Flounders    worldwideWAMM     September 2011 Sara Flounders will speak in Minneapolis on Wednesday, September 28, 7 p.m. at Walker Church, 31st Street and 16th Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota The antiwar movement must counter media demonization in the midst of a war mobilization and […]