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Was it Just? America and Her Suicidal Combat Veterans, by Matthew Hoh

“The cost of war, to many veterans, is a deep and permanent wounding of the soul and the conscience.”

Ann Wright | Why Would Anyone Kill One’s Self In an Attempt to Stop A War?

Did you know that several Americans also set themselves on fire to attempt to end U.S. military actions during those turbulent war years in the 1960s?

Rebecca Gordon | American Carnage: Fighting the Forever War

Clearly, these days Trump enjoys the company of military men. He’s more ambivalent about what the military actually does.

Ed Dickinson | Eulogy for David Skeie

…in the 40 years that I have known Dave Skeie, I have never known a single person who did not like him, such was the power he had to connect with people, often people very different from himself.

Evergreene Digest: Four Decades After Vietnam

Thirty-nine years later, the official US position towards crimes by the US military in Vietnam has not changed: there have been no apologies for US conduct during the war, no reparations, no intentions of prosecuting US government officials or military personnel for war crimes in Vietnam. Instead, there is a romanticizing and glorification of the […]

Dave Lindorff> Ducking the Real Cost of US Wars

Veterans of Neglect Ducking the Real Cost of US Wars by DAVE LINDORFF      MAY 29, 2012       Counterpunch Whether he ever said it or not, I’m going to borrow from a quote often attributed to Abraham Lincoln and alter it a bit to say: “American politicians must love war veterans — they […]

Leah Bolger> Memorial Day: Pick Your Perversion

Memorial Day: Pick Your Perversion Leah Bolger    May 25, 2012    Veterans for Peace Memorial Day, originally known as “Decoration Day,” was created in the aftermath of the Civil War as a day to honor the memory and sacrifice of Union soldiers who had died in battle. It later broadened to include the theme […]