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“Wounds of War”: the VA health care system and why we all need it

This important discussion necessary for all of us to hear around attempts to privatize the VA, opposed by most Veterans groups, describes the work of the VA not only for Veterans but the everyday things we use developed in their research area, among other work by the VA. The VA gets a bad name–yet Suzanne Gordon advocates that the VA is the best model for an effective National Health Care system. The attempts to discount the work of the VA and privatize it are nothing more than more capitalistic greed–more capitalism on steroids.

Evergreene Digest: A Band-Aid Approach to Fixing the V.A.

Despite promises from the Bush-43 administration that the Iraq War would pay for itself, the price tag keeps soaring with the predictable impact on V.A. hospitals struggling to care for wounded warriors. But the political solution has been to make a change at the top. Veteran Affairs scandal in context Paul R. Pillar, Consortium News […]

Dina Rasor, Truthout> Veterans First … and Their Dogs, Too

Veterans First … and Their Dogs, Too This was another case in which politicians preached to the public that they want “the best for our boys” but then block legislation once the troops come home. Thursday, 27 September 2012 10:25 By Dina Rasor, Truthout | News Analysis Tori Stitt, a former naval officer who did a tour in […]