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NYT’s New ‘Reader Center’ Already Proving a Step Backward in Accountability

Even among the two items that did raise coverage concerns, the degree to which this new Reader Center pales in comparison to a dedicated public editor was clear.

Ray McGovern | Installing a Torture Fan at CIA

Coleen Rowley: “Trump’s selection of Pompeo for CIA Director … indicate…that the U.S. will once again begin to illegally torture, kidnap and illegally imprison captives.”

CCR takes Turkmen v. Ashcroft case to the Supreme Court

For over 14 years, CCR has insisted that no one is above the law, no matter how exalted their role.

How U.S. Citizens Are Suing Donald Rumsfeld for Torture

The answer to the question of how Rumsfeld can be sued for the crimes perpetrated by unnamed torturers provides a look at how civil liberties are faring under Obama’s presidency. Rumsfeld must face trial for torture David Szydloski, In These Times By denying the government’s motions to dismiss their complaints, two federal court decisions made […]

Congressman Ellison: Do I Matter?

Dear Congressman Ellison: As-salamu-alaykum. I am a Canadian citizen, and I heard you speak today on “The Generosity of Inclusion: Everybody Counts, Everybody Matters.” I submitted a question, but it didn’t get asked. At one point I almost felt like I should jump up and ask it, but I have tremendous fear of your government. […]