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We need a New Green Foreign Policy to go with our New Green Deal, by Anne Winkler Morey

One can not build sustainability and equity at home and while destroying the rest of the planet. Period.

Kathy Kelly | Crosscurrents: Refusing “Safety” and Recommitting to Each Other

activist Bruce Gagnon writes: “From the point of view of corporate capital we are all expendable. We are not going to defeat these corporate forces by remaining isolated inside our single-issue silos … There is a direct connection between the massive $1 trillion a year Pentagon budget [ ] and the destruction of social progress. There is a direct connection between the military’s huge carbon bootprint and climate change.”

Kathy Kelly: Another 58.6 Billion for U.S. Troops in Afghanistan?

Americans have a right to learn about people bearing the consequences of U.S. war, but there is scant incentive to exercise this right in a society where militarism is glorified and military spokespeople continually assure the U.S. public that U.S. militarism has improved the lives of women and children in Afghanistan. By Kathy Kelly  HuffingtonPost.com […]

Unknown Art & Activism Collective> Yes, We Drone

From our fellow activists in Spain. Hi! I write from United Unknown Art & Activism Collective, we follow your website and drone strikes information. We want to share with you the anti drone poster project we just upload to our website, we hope you like it and share it, thanks and keep doing so important work, […]

Snowden Statement & Meeting with WikiLeaks & Human Rights Watch

the Guardian  July 12, 2013    More at this link to the Guardian 4.00pm BST WikiLeaks has posted a long statement by Edward Snowden, dated today at 5pm Moscow time. Here it is in full: Hello. My name is Ed Snowden. A little over one month ago, I had family, a home in paradise, and I lived […]