Saint Zelensky Suspends Election and Steals $400 Million in US Aid

Saint Zelensky Suspends Election & Steals $400 Million in US Aid. by David Mulinix /  Original to Rise Up Times /  Source links below. To get the US public to support the US Empire's Proxy War in Ukraine, the Biden regime's pro-war propaganda paints a picture of Zelensky as a saint fighting for democracy. More

Max Blumenthal: UN Talk, Threats to International Peace and Security, at the UN Security Council

Threats to international peace and security - Security Council, 9364th meeting. Max Blumenthal: Threats to International Peace and Security, Talk at UN Security Council A gift to Rise Up Times of any amount makes it possible to continue to bring you thoughtful analyses and reflections on current issues as well as events, stories, and opportunities More

Seymour Hersh: The Ukraine Refugee Question

Zelensky’s desire to take the war to Russia may not be clear to the president and senior foreign policy aides in the White House, but it is to those in the American intelligence community who have found it difficult to get their intelligence and their assessments a hearing in the Oval Office.

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