Jimmy Dore and Aaron Mate: Telling the Naked Truth

NY Times and WashPo Editors CONFRONTED for lies about war and more... https://youtu.be/-Upux1XBCbg   Rise Up Times Editor's Comment: I don't always care for Jimmy's raunchiness but his analysis is direct and on the mark. Here he is with Aaron Mate and other voices. Editor's Comment: Since this has been published, there have been More

Michael McKee: Are We Depending Too Much on the Military’s Media Management?

"It's Not Up to the Pentagon to Sell Policy to the American People." By Michael McKee  Friday, 08 November 2013  11:16   Truthout | Opinion (Photo: D. Sharon Pruitt / Flickr) Truth, as a casualty of war, has been a primary target, worthy of a $15 billion budget. Yet although "the media war" for the hearts and minds of Americans More

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