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Corporate Media Beating the Drums of War — Mnar Muhawesh Speaks Out

Mnar Muhawesh, Founder and Editor In Chief, MintPress News, talked about how the tightly controlled corporate media ignores reporting and good journalism to follow directives on creating enemies and promoting wars. Almost all of the media outlets in this country are owned by a few corporations. Thank you so much for having me, I’m honored to be […]

Diana Johnstone> The Good Intentions That Pave the Road to War

The Good Intentions That Pave the Road to War R2P and Genocide Prevention by DIANA JOHNSTONE  Counterpunch  WEEKEND EDITION FEBRUARY 1-3, 2013 Paris. Opposing genocide has become a sort of cottage industry in the United States. Everywhere, “genocide studies” are cropping up in universities.  Five years ago, an unlikely “Genocide Prevention Task Force” was set […]