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“Inside Drone Warfare” | The Las Vegas Symposium Tapes

Please remember that the seriousness and emotion evinced by the drone whistleblowers comes not only from their experiences in the drone program but because they constantly face the threat of government reprisal.    DRONE ORGANIZERS BULLETIN – April 2016 – Special Edition  kNOwDrones.com Thanks to the financial contributions by many of you who are reading […]

U.S. Drone Force

Source: RT Video via Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

American Activists to Attempt Anti-Drone March Across Pakistan

American Activists to Attempt Anti-Drone March Across Pakistan The trek, if permitted by the US, will bring new attention to – and some say, blow the cover off – the secrets concerning casualties from the drone war.  Tom Hayden   August 22, 2012 The Peace and Justice Resource Center A sixty-kilometer, Pakistani-led march against US drone […]

US Plans for Nuclear Drones ‘On Hold’… For Now

US Plans for Nuclear Drones ‘On Hold’… For Now ‘Political realities’ hamstring attempt to bring ‘flying nuclear power plants’ to the skies Common Dreams staff    Monday, April 2, 2012      Common Dreams American scientists have drawn up plans for a new generation of nuclear-powered drones capable of flying over remote regions of the […]

Doyle McManus> Who Reviews the US ‘Kill List’?

Who Reviews the US ‘Kill List’? By Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times via RSN 05 February 12 There has been remarkably little public debate in the U.S. about drone strikes, which have killed at least 1,300 people in Pakistan alone since President Obama came to office. hen it comes to national security, Michael V. Hayden […]

Tom Dispatch> Offshore Everywhere How Drones, Special Operations Forces, and the U.S. Navy Plan to End National Sovereignty As We Know It

A project of The Nation Institute Tomgram: Engelhardt, Kicking Down the World’s Door Posted by Tom Engelhardt     February 5, 2012     TomDispatch [Note for TomDispatch Readers:  Just a reminder for those planning their week: Jeremy Scahill, one of the best investigative journalists in the business, and I will be talking together on stage at New York University’s […]

Glenn Greenwald> U.S. drones targeting rescuers and mourners

U.S. drones targeting rescuers and mourners BY GLENN GREENWALD   SUNDAY, FEB 5, 2012    Salon.com Images from a Predator B unmanned aircraft are seen on a monitored at the Naval Air Station, in November, in Corpus Christi, Texas.  (Credit: AP) (updated below – Update II – Update III) On December 30 of last year, ABC News reported on a […]

“We’re on a Destabilizing Planet”: Interview with Tom Engelhardt | History News Network

“We’re on a Destabilizing Planet”: Interview with Tom Engelhardt By David A. Walsh   1-16-12   History News Network David A. Walsh is an editor for the History News Network. Tom Engelhardt is the creator and editor of The Nation Institute’s TomDispatch.com, former Senior Editor at Pantheon Books, and the author of numerous works on American […]

Tomgram: Nick Turse, The Life and Death of American Drones> The Drone That Fell From the Sky What a Busted Robot Airplane Tells Us About the American Empire in 2012 and Beyond

Tomgram: Nick Turse, The Life and Death of American Drones Posted by Nick Turse at 9:40am, December 20, 2011. Tom Dispatch It’s 10 pm.  Do you know where your drone is? Oh, the confusion of it all!  The U.S. military now insists it was deeply befuddled when it claimed that a super-secret advanced RQ-170 Sentinel drone (aka “the beast […]

Drones cleared for domestic use across the US

Drones cleared for domestic use across the US Published: 29 November, 2011, 21:47   RT What do you know about drones? You know drones — those robotic, unmanned planes that fire missiles for the American military across Afghanistan, Pakistan and anywhere else the United States needs to get away with murder. Well if you don’t know […]