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Traci Yoder | New Anti-Protesting Legislation: A Deeper Look

Civil liberties advocates are clearly questioning which individuals or interest groups are behind this wave of legislation all targeting mass protests and the right to dissent at the same moment.

Sonali Kolhatkar: Protecting ‘Our’ Children in the Wake of the Michael Dunn Verdict

And I certainly don’t know the fear and anguish mothers and fathers have when they “hear” about Renisha and Oscar and Trayvon and Jonathan and Jordan. I don’t know what it feels like deep down in their stomach. I can imagine it; if they tell me what it feels like, I can nod my head […]

(Video) Colbert Nation> Scahill on Dirty Wars & The Zimmerman Verdict

Monday July 15, 2013 Jeremy Scahill Author Jeremy Scahill discusses the secret war in Afghanistan, drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen and the Obama administration’s “Terror Tuesday” meetings.  (05:24) Monday July 15, 2013 George Zimmerman Verdict Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera explains why an all-female jury found George Zimmerman not guilty in the Trayvon Martin murder case.  (04:11) […]

When Will It End? Zimmerman Trial> NY Daily News Cover June 15, 2013

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Dennis Trainor, Jr.> White Privilege: Innocent, Trayvon Martin: Guilty

The only cancer, in my opinion, is the prevailing culture . . . Dennis Trainor, Jr.  July 15, 2013   Acronym TV I can’t say I was surprised at the verdict. Because, to apply the famous words of George Zimmerman, “these assholes always get away.” There is a lot of blame to go around for […]

On Anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s Death, ALEC-Backed Stand Your Ground Laws Remain on Books

On Anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s Death, ALEC-Backed Stand Your Ground Laws Remain on Books “The controversy highlighted the racial fault lines that continue to divide America, with a heated backlash against the assertion that race played any factor in Martin’s death — and a concerted effort by some on the right to portray Martin as someone who deserved to die.” by Brendan Fischer  February 26, 2013  PRWatch.org Projects: ALEC Exposed One year […]

Democracy Now> Corporate Exodus Continues From ALEC as Secretive Right-Wing Group’s Policies Come to Light

Published on Jul 11, 2012 by democracynow DemocracyNow.org – Five more corporations have severed ties with the secretive right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council, known as ALEC. The group has come under increasing scrutiny in recent months as the public has become aware of its role in advancing the “Stand Your Ground” gun law initially cited to protect Trayvon […]

Free posters available> Hoodies / Justice for Trayvon Martin

Hoodies / Justice for Trayvon Martin voxunit.com people can download 11×17″ posters from this page.  http://voxunit.com/2012/03/29/hoodies-justice-for-trayvon-martin/ Download promo kit [2.9Mb] Contains: – posters 11×17″,  12 differents versions [see image above], color, .PDF file + profile pictures, 14 versions, .JPG files please use & share ! support Voxunit work by ‘liking’ the page facebook.com/voxunit Join Us!  Subscribe to […]