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Chelsea Manning: We’re citizens, not subjects. We have the right to criticize government without fear

Manning: After 9/11, a dedicated office of lawyers specializing in novel applications of law for national security issues, the National Security Division (NSD), was created and now, with a small caseload and an enormous amount of resources, this division of the Department of Justice has been waging a quiet war against the media, their sources and the right to free speech and a free press, using the growing national security and surveillance apparatus to prosecute various cases and, occasionally, target the media.

Glenn Greenwald>Attacks on Stephen Hawking, transparency for Manning, Obama’s new lobbyist chief

Debates over Israel and activism in defense of transparency and journalism heat up this week Glenn Greenwald  guardian.co.uk, Thursday 9 May 2013 14.01 EDT I’m traveling rather extensively this week – the last week of travel I have for quite some time, thankfully – so here are several brief items worthy of note: (1) As the Guardian was […]

Karen Greenberg> Ever More and Ever Less> The Unstoppable Legacy of the War on Terror

Ever More and Ever Less>  The Unstoppable Legacy of the War on Terror By Karen J. Greenberg    March 18, 2012    Tom Dispatch  By now, you’d think we’d be entering the end of the 9/11 era. One war over in the Greater Middle East, another hurtling disastrously to its end, and the threat of […]