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Rebecca Solnit: Feminism — The Men Arrive! (Hooray! Uh-Oh!)

Sometimes, men insist “fairness” means admitting that men suffer from women just as women do from men, or even that they suffer more. You might as well argue that white people suffer from racism exactly as much as black people, or that there are no hierarchies of privilege and degrees of oppression in this world. […]

Why You Need to Know About a Gross Thing Called #GamerGate—and the Women Who Fight It

 We can learn a lot about the future of culture wars from a “movement” of video game players angry about efforts to make gaming more welcoming for women. By Christopher Zumski Finke   YesMagazine.org   October 22, 2014 Photo by Shutterstock  The terrorist organization Islamic State recently released a glossy recruiting video targeted at young men, a […]