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Lawrence Wittner: The World Still Splurges on War

Amid continued splurging on war – with the U.S. government still far-and-away the world’s leader – there are a few hopeful signs as common citizens learn from the likes of Gandhi and become more suspicious of advocates for violent conflict, writes Lawrence S. Wittner. By Lawrence S. Wittner  ConsortiumNews.com  June 2, 2014 National officials certainly assume More

William J. Astore> Weapons ‘R’ Us Making Warbirds Instead of Thunderbirds

Weapons ‘R’ Us Making Warbirds Instead of Thunderbirds  By William J. Astore    January 24, 2012   TomDispatch Perhaps you’ve heard of “Makin’ Thunderbirds,” a hard-bitten rock & roll song by Bob Seger that I listened to 30 years ago while in college.  It’s about auto workers back in 1955 who were “young and proud” to be making More

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