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We Must Overcome Our Atomization to Beat Back Neoliberal Fascism, by Henry A. Giroux

“These movements of resistance represent a reaction to the multiple abuses produced by a mix of political authoritarianism and neoliberalism marked by cruel predatory policies, a disdain for human rights, and fascist claims to ultra-nationalism and social cleansing.”

As Trial Begins, Trump Protest Attendees Face 60 Years in Prison by Chris Steele

Guilty by Association in the Age of Trump. Comparing Charlottesville to J20: A Case Study in Hypocrisy.
Repression, Harsh Sentencing and Sexual Assault.

Chris Hedges and Noam Chomsky: Requiem for the American Dream, Part 2 (Video)

Wealth, power, and the American Dream

The Trump Resistance Plan: Step Two

“It is not in numbers, but in unity, that our great strength lies…”

Joseph Gerson | The Peace Movement and Resistance in Dark Times

Our responsibility is to resist, resist and transform.

Black activists owe no apology for charging Israel with genocide

August opened with a major development in the struggle against anti-Black racism in the US and beyond.

Rabbi Michael Lerner | Grieving for Orlando, for GLBTQ, for Muslims, for America

True solidarity should lead us to the imperative to develop strategies to heal the distortions and pains that lead people into communities of hate.

Metta Center: Roadmap To Personal Empowerment (to help create unstoppable movements)

… because it is not an easy task, we must join our hands together. The “Roadmap” is Metta Center’s attempt to offer three things to help create an unstoppable movement of movements: unity, strategy, and nonviolent power.  By Staff  Metta Center for Nonviolence   www.mettacenter.org  PopularResistance.org  June 5th, 2014 Translations of this article are available on the […]

Kevin Gosztola: Undercover FBI Agent Tried to Get Activists to Send Money to PFLP, a US-Designated Terrorist Organization

By Kevin Gosztola  Dissenter, FireDogLake.org  February 28, 2014 Graphic made by activists targeted in FBI raids to raise awareness around their case. (from StopFBI.net) Alleged evidence the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) used to obtain search warrants for raids on the homes of antiwar and international solidarity activists in the midwestern United States were unsealed. The […]

Three Years Is Too Many! End the Investigation of Anti-War and International Solidarity Activists Now!

Solidarity is Not A Crime!  September 24, 2013  (Photo Brad Sigal) Coleen Rowley protests FBI Repression of Civil Liberties  (Photo Brad Sigal) Anti war activists who were raided by the FBI, or called to Grand Jury at Sept. 24 protest in Minneapolis (Photo Kim DeFranco) Minneapolis pushes back against FBI repression of anti-war activists By […]

Kathy Kelly> Thanking Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning’s Trial begins on June 3, 2013 by Kathy Kelly  May 29, 2013  Direct to WAMMToday A few evenings ago, as the sky began to darken here in Kabul, Afghanistan, a small group of the Afghan Peace Volunteers, (APVs), gathered for an informal presentation about WikiLeaks, its chief editor Julian Assange, and its most prominent […]

Steve Clemens> Choosing Jail: Experimenting With Redemptive Suffering

Choosing Jail: Experimenting With Redemptive Suffering by Steve Clemens. June 11, 2012   Mennonista It was in reading Mohandas Gandhi that I first learned about his “experiments with truth” – a term he used in perfecting the tactics of nonviolent resistance to the apartheid regime in South Africa and the British colonial occupation of his […]

NATO Summit Protest> Marching for a world without war and poverty

Marching for a world without war and poverty Nicole Colson reports on the mobilization from around the country to send a message of resistance against the world leaders responsible for war and austerity. May 21, 2012   socialistworker.org Thousands march against war and austerity in Chicago as the NATO summit begins SOME 15,000 protesters took to […]

Video> “Occupy Everywhere”: May Day Special Show on OWS, Immigration, Labor Protests. 1 of 3

Published on May 1, 2012 by democracynow DemocracyNow.org – As Occupy Wall Street plans nationwide protests marking International Workers Day, or May Day, we discuss the movement with Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter, Chris Hedges; Amin Husain, editor of Tidal Magazine and a key facilitator of the Occupy movement; Marina Sitrin, author of “Horizontalism: Voices of Popular Power in Argentina” […]

How Empires Fall (Including the American One)> An Interview with Jonathan Schell

An Interview With Jonathan Schell How Empires Fall (Including the American One)  by ANDY KROLL    March 1, 2012     Tom Dispatch When Jonathan Schell’s The Unconquerable World, a meditation on the history and power of nonviolent action, was published in 2003, the timing could not have been worse. Americans were at war — and […]

Video> Wisconsin Solidarity Singers

bfealk   Daily Kos      January 13, 2012 In Wisconsin, every week day at noon in the Capitol Rotunda and on Fridays outside the Capitol, the Solidarity Singers sing for an hour.   Their first song every day is We Shall Overcome and the last verse is Walker Won’t Be governor, some day soon.  Today, […]