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Jim Walsh, MinnPost: Meet the Mall of America 11

Walsh: ...at the moment the MOA 11 stand together as a brave if somewhat reluctant figurehead, a group of thought leaders who see themselves as torch bearers of their lunch-counter-sitting and back-of-the-bus–sitting forefathers and mothers before them, taking on America’s history of institutional racism itself.

Michael Bayly> Marv Davidov 1931-2012

Michael Bayly> Marv Davidov 1931-2012 Posted by Michael J. Bayly at 1:00 PM     The Wild Reed My friend Marv died yesterday morning. He was 81 years old and had been in poor health for some time. Still, I and many others feel his loss greatly. As many of my Minnesota readers would know, Marv Davidov was an More

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