Robert Dreyfus and Nick Turse: America’s Afghan Victims

Even among staunchly antiwar politicians and pundits, few bother to mention the cost of the war to civilians. BY ROBERT DREYFUSS AND NICK TURSE  SEPTEMBER 19, 2013 THE NATION See this story at its source » Afghans in Narang district mourn the death of civilians killed in Eastern Kunar, December 27, 2009.  RAWA/WIMIMEDIA COMMONS When an American soldier dies in Afghanistan, More

Robert Dreyfuss> Nibbling at the Pentagon’s Fat

Nibbling at the Pentagon’s Fat Robert Dreyfuss    January 27, 2012    The Nation Like President Obama’s announcement earlier this month, which drew angry denunciations from hawks, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s more detailed budget ideas for the Pentagon going forward ought be seen as an opening bid. Anyone concerned about the bloated budget at the More

AIPAC Pushes Hard for War With Iran

AIPAC Pushes Hard for War With Iran Posted By Grant Smith On June 14, 2011 Former AIPAC staffer Keith Weissman, indicted in 2005 under the Espionage Act alongside colleague Steven J. Rosen and Defense Department employee Col. Lawrence Franklin, is desperately worried. In a lengthy, rambling monologue delivered to independent reporter Robert Dreyfuss, Weissman breaks a long silence to declare he’s More

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