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Todd Pierce: Has the U.S. Constitution Been Lost to Military Rule?

Bush officials argued this was due to necessity, but in fact that was fallacious, as the U.S. military is not, and should not be, considered an antiterrorist force. Militaries exist to defend against foreign armies attacking, not to conduct the police work required for counter-terrorism. But as we’ve seen, when a military takes control of a country, occupying it as in Iraq and Afghanistan, or the Israeli occupation of Palestine, it enforces martial law on the civilians living there—in other words, the military operates as a dictatorship, or as our Supreme Court called it, “martial rule.”

The Guantánamo facility at 10 years

An assault on our constitutional government Todd E. Pierce, National Law Journal / Islam Daily Submitted by David Culver January 10, 2012 | The 10th anniversary of the opening of Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, as a detention facility and the diversion of terrorism prosecutions into a new military commission system is now upon us. Consequently, I […]

Coleen Rowley> A Rainy Day in D.C., Marching to Close Guantanamo

A Rainy Day in D.C., Marching to Close Guantanamo By Coleen Rowley   Posted: 1/17/12   Huffington Post It’s hard to know what to do, as mere citizens, to try and fix things so many years after the United States government decided it did not have to follow its own laws, the Geneva Conventions or […]

Predator Drones and the International Mafia

Predator Drones and the International Mafia by Dr. Reza Pankhurst July 18, 2011     from Foreign Policy Journal Referred to WAMMToday by Coleen Rowley, who says:   I started to highlight the key portions of this article and almost ended up highlighting the whole thing!  As an aside, don’t forget that William Mitchell Law […]