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The Fall of the “Alt-Right” Came From Anti-Fascism

While the white nationalist ability for self-sabotage can be impressive, it misses the most critical factor in the story of every white supremacist loss: They failed because of effective anti-fascist organizing.

Why Lawsuits Are Not Enough to Stop the Far Right

What this shows is not that legal solutions aren’t valuable…but that they provide ample additional organizing opportunities.

Inside the Corporate Plan to Occupy the Pentagon> Mother Jones

Inside the Corporate Plan to Occupy the Pentagon floatinglemons/Graphic Leftovers Behind the growing push to slash soldiers’ pensions and other military costs is a little-known advisory group—stacked with Wall Street executives. By Adam Weinstein   Mon Nov. 21, 2011 3:00 AM PST Mother Jones With time fast running out for the so-called deficit supercommittee, the mammoth amount […]