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Media: The NSA files and the network effect

The modern leak needs a new kind of reporting, and news organisations are adapting by finding collaborations of scale Posted by Emily Bell  Sunday 15 December 2013  The Guardian Edward Snowden on the front page of a newspaper in Hong Kong. Photograph: Kin Cheung/AP There is something about news stories that alter the course of history and More

Lindsay Byerstein> The Myth of the Fourth Estate?

The Myth of the Fourth Estate? BY LINDSAY BEYERSTEIN      April 10, 2012     In These Times Gregory Shaya has an essay on the Lapham's Quarterly blog about what he calls the myth of the Fourth Estate. Therein, he rejects both the romantic assumption that an uncensored press is all we need for a free society and More

Our future depends on stopping an attack on Iran | Intrepid Report.com

Our future depends on stopping an attack on Iran By Harvey Wasserman  Posted on November 22, 2011    IntrepidReport.com The global Occupy Movement has come to life just in time. War is the health of the corporate state. The 1% needs its endless cash flow to stay in power. As the slaughters in Iraq and More

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