Decades-Long Israeli Military Occupation Drives Palestinian Revenge Attacks (Video)

I think that this is what this attack has shown, is that while most of the political and militant leadership of the Palestinians has been assassinated in the last century, or is imprisoned, even though there isn’'t a way for Palestinians to actually unite because they'’re divided in bantustans all over the West Bank, in Gaza, and all over Israel, even though they are separated by a complex matrix of control of IDs and live under extreme discrimination inside of Israel, they will still continue to resist until they have freedom.

VIDEO: Sara Thomsen | By Breath

May peace be with all of us this Holiday Season and Throughout the Year Published on Feb 12, 2009  By Breath Words and music by by Sara Thomsen Rise Up Times  Media for the People! There are twelve classical world religions—those religions most often included in history of world religion surveys and studied in More

Kathy Kelly: Before the Dawn

Kelly: People in the U.S. should consider how their horror at the violence of U.S. enemies encourages and exonerates the far more crushing violence of their own government, engaged at this moment in conflicts throughout the developing world and armed with weapons capable of extinguishing all human life within minutes.

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