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Don’t feed the trolls — how to combat the alt-right

In a battle for morals, imagery and messaging is everything. If we lose the PR battle, even if we are ultimately on the right side of justice, we may give the alt-right ammunition they desperately need.

Climate Movement to May Day Strikers: “We’ve Got Your Back”

May 1st, International Workers Day, will see rallies, marches, and strikes around the country and the world By Deirdre Fulton, staff writer  Common Dreams  April 27, 2017 A sign seen at the 2006 May Day demonstrations. Monday’s actions are expected to match those from 2006 in magnitude. (Photo: AP) Just as labor leaders are standing firmly behind this […]

Chris Hedges | The Return of American Race Laws

The central tenet of fascism is always that war cleanses society and that the “virtues” that war inculcates in its combatants and survivors provide a new moral vigor.

Robert Reich: Why We Must Fight Economic Apartheid in the United States

Thirty years ago most cities contained a broad spectrum of residents from wealthy to poor. Today, entire cities are mostly rich (San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle) or mostly impoverished (Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia).

Chris Hedges> Cornel West and the Fight to Save the Black Prophetic Tradition

 “Obama used [Martin Luther] King’s Bible during his inauguration, but under the National Defense Authorization Act King would be detained without due process. By Chris Hedges  Posted on Sep 9, 2013   truthdig.com There is an insidious and largely unseen effort by the White House to silence the handful of voices that remain true to the black prophetic tradition. This […]

Carey Wedler> The Empress and 5 Broken Cameras

The Empress and 5 Broken Cameras by Carey Wedler  February 27, 2013  comehomeamerica As the celebrity-inspired stupor wears off after a predictably glamorous night of the Academy Awards, the realities of American society continue to bleed through: the most telling moments of the grand spectacle and all that led up to it demonstrate America’s love of […]

On Anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s Death, ALEC-Backed Stand Your Ground Laws Remain on Books

On Anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s Death, ALEC-Backed Stand Your Ground Laws Remain on Books “The controversy highlighted the racial fault lines that continue to divide America, with a heated backlash against the assertion that race played any factor in Martin’s death — and a concerted effort by some on the right to portray Martin as someone who deserved to die.” by Brendan Fischer  February 26, 2013  PRWatch.org Projects: ALEC Exposed One year […]