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Chris Hedges: A Message From the Dispossessed

Hedges: If you spend time as I have in Gaza, Iraq, Yemen, Algeria, Egypt and Sudan, as well as the depressing, segregated housing projects known as banlieues that ring French cities such as Paris and Lyon, warehousing impoverished North African immigrants, you begin to understand the brothers Cherif Kouachi and Said Kouachi, who were killed Friday in a gun battle with French police. There is little employment in these pockets of squalor. Racism is overt. Despair is rampant...

Sylvia Schwarz> Minnesota Battle Over Israeli Bonds

Minnesota Battle Over Israeli Bonds By Sylvia Schwarz    March 31, 2012    Consortium News [Editor’s Note:  Minnesota Break the Bonds is holding a Day on the Hill April 11, 1012.  See the TC Events area on WAMMToday by clicking the tab at the top of the page for details.]  A legal fight is underway More

Video, WikiLeaks: US cable tells of Israel’s ‘harsh measures’ via Al Jazeera

WikiLeaks:  US cable tells of Israel's 'harsh measures' via Al Jazeera Sunday, September 4, 2011 - Wikileaks  via Al Jazeera US government officials have been well aware of Israel's harsh methods of dealing with peaceful protests in the occupied Palestinian territory of West Bank for quite some time, according to a recently leaked WikiLeaks diplomatic More

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